• How to glue the window?

    Olga Izvekova
    Olga Izvekova
    February 21, 2013
    How to glue the window?

    For those who have not yet become a happy owner of plastic windows, winter begins with the insulation of windows and how to glue the windows this year. The modern market offers a large number of sealing materials for warming windows:

    • Foam, silicone and rubber tape
    • Polyurethane Profile Seals
    • Tube profile

    In addition, seals can be divided into self-adhesive and those that should be glued with glue. How to choose the seal:

    • When buying a seal carefully read on the packaging, of what material it is made. If it is self-adhesive, you must immediately purchase the right amount of glue or silicone sealant for gluing.
    • The profile of the seal is selected depending on the size of the slots.
    • E-shaped is used for the gap of 0.2-0.35 cm,
    • P-shaped to 0.5 cm
    • V-shaped - up to 0.8. cm

    Some tips on how to glue the windows:

    • Clean dirt from the frame and the old seal.
    • Using one strip of the compactor, without stretching, measure the length of the sash.Cut the measured piece, cut off the corners at a 45 degree angle. Separate the backing of the adhesive side by a few centimeters and attach the edge to the frame. Gradually, separating the substrate, glue the entire strip without stretching it. Also glued and horizontal pieces of insulation.
    • Pay special attention to the corners - the places of joining the strips of the seal. It is best to fix them additionally with a construction stapler or with ordinary clerical pins.

    If for some reason you do not want to use an industrial-made compactor, you can use the grandmother’s methods of window insulation:

    • The slit can be filled with a wet newspaper, sticking on the top of the paper with paste.
    • To score the slots with a rag or foam rubber and glue on the strips of fabric soaked in soapy water from above. In the spring they can be easily removed from the frame.
    • Small gaps can simply be covered with alabaster.

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