• How to get to Budapest?

    January 12, 2015
    How to get to Budapest?

    Many tourists are attracted by Budapest, and they are planning their trip to the capital of Hungary. The city has a rich history, the mass of attractions located here. In addition, Budapest is the only capital of the world, which is a resort city. Here you can improve your health - there are unique thermal springs at your service.

    There are several ways to get to Budapest: by train, by plane, as well as by bus or by car.


    The main flow of tourists resides in the capital of Hungary through the International Airport named after Ferenc Liszt. The airport is located 15 km away. southeast of the city. Direct regular flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg, from other cities of Russia can also fly to Budapest with a transfer in Prague.

    The airport is very convenient: you can reach the city by buses and minibuses that run regularly, as well as by train or taxi.

    A train

    How to get to Budapest by train? You can get to the capital of Hungary by train from Moscow from Kievsky railway station. Therefore, if you are traveling to Hungary from another city in Russia, you first need to get to Moscow. The trip is approximately 40 hours and the cost varies depending on the season. Usually a train with a trailer car to Budapest departs 3 times a week. The cost and schedule need to be specified at the box office or on the Russian Railways website.

    Generally, from the station of Budapest, you can get to 20 European capitals. And just in the city there are 3 railway stations: East, West and South. The train from Moscow arrives at the last station mentioned. Getting from the train station to the historic center is easy: you can use minibuses or metro.


    The cheapest way to get to the capital of Hungary is by bus. Ecolines, for example, makes flights from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The distance from Moscow to Budapest is approximately 1900 km., And the journey time by bus will be more than 50 hours. Prices also vary depending on the season, and they need to be specified on the company's website. Maybe this trip will not be very comfortable, but economical. You can also drive to Budapest by car.


    Budapest is a major international port. As you know, the city is located on the banks of the Danube - the main waterway of Europe. Navigation on the river is usually from April to October. Tourists are offered numerous water excursions, there are daily flights to Vienna and other cities in Hungary and Europe.

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