• How to get a housing certificate?

    In Russia, almost every resident of the country in one degree or another came across a state housing certificate - a document certifying the right of a citizen to receive subsidized funds from the federal budget, which will be used to pay for a certain part of the value of purchased property (housing). How to get a housing certificate is of interest to many, as well as how to implement or cash it. This will be discussed now. Each certificate has an indexed nominal value, due to which it is possible to calculate the corresponding amount of money, taking into account the estimated cost per square meter of housing (apartment) in a particular region.

    Who is issued housing certificates

    The legislation of the Russian Federation precisely defines the list of citizens who are entitled to receive a housing certificate. These are:

    • officers dismissed from the ranks of the Armed Forces, employees of the State Fire Service (State Fire Fighting Service) and the UIS (the penitentiary system)
    • members of the families of the dead servicemen who were under contractual duties, and the duration of their service was at least 10 years
    • liquidators and participants of the Chernobyl accident at nuclear power plants
    • citizens and forced migrants who left the regions of the Far North and the territories equated to it

    Preparation of documents

    1. You must write an application in the appropriate form for a certificate. This form is presented in the fifth Supplement to the Rules for the issue and redemption of state housing certificates.
    2. It is necessary to provide a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, as well as passports (possibly other identity documents) to members of the family who applied for the certificate.
    3. Submit a certificate certifying the transfer of living space from the last duty station, or an appropriately issued commitment indicating the surrender of the occupied space.
    4. Have an extract from the house register at the place of registration.
    5. Make a copy of your financial personal account for occupied housing at the place of registration of residential premises.
    6. Collect documents that would be proof of kinship with those persons who are listed as children, spouse, parents.As well as documents that would testify to the confirmation of recognition of family members of other persons listed as similar.

    The period of time when the state housing certificate is valid is 9 months. It is believed that this time is sufficient for searching, selecting and processing a transaction (all its stages) for the purchase of housing. Moreover, the procedure for the acquisition of residential premises using the certificate is somewhat different from the usual purchase of housing, and this should be considered first.

    In addition, provided federal funds can be issued as a down payment on a mortgage loan. This is due to the fact that the amount of money issued is usually not enough to purchase a house (apartment), while it is impossible to get an apartment with a smaller area on this housing certificate.

    Implementation of the housing certificate

    1. It is necessary to open an account in the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation, to which funds will be transferred upon receipt of the certificate. The number of this account should be reported to the structure that issues certificates. Report must be a couple of months before the issuance of the housing certificate.
    2. Then you should contact the real estate agency that works with housing certificates. You can find such an agency either via the Internet, or upon receipt of a document, or through acquaintances, or by meeting in person. Since the certificate can be issued both for full, partial repayment of the property value, and for the initial payment, its original should be presented when contacting the agency.
    3. Decide on the choice of the housing you like and available under the terms of the housing certificate. Accurately agree on the price. With full payment of the cost of housing certificate, try not to allow the introduction of their own funds.
    4. It is mandatory to draw up a contract testifying to the sale of real estate. Such a document should be certified by the service that conducts the state registration of real estate transactions. A certificate of state registration of the contract will be issued to the owner within five working days.
    5. Now with the contract you need to contact the branch of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation, in which the transfer of funds occurred, for the implementation of the housing certificate.A statement is written immediately, stating the contract data and the place of the transaction, the details of the parties, with the requirement to transfer funds to the seller’s apartment (real estate) account.
    6. Then it is necessary to take a receipt from the seller confirming receipt of the money, and sign an act of acceptance and transfer of the apartment.
    7. Next, with the contract and the act of sale, as well as a receipt from the seller about receiving a certain amount of money, you need to contact the property registration department and get a certificate (for the apartment you purchased) about the right of ownership.
    8. All details, as well as the certificate number, must be reported to the service where the certificate for the improvement of living conditions was issued. Reporting here may be different and it is better to learn about it on the spot, upon receipt of the certificate.

    The procedure for cashing a housing certificate

    Today, you can cash out a housing certificate only by contacting a real estate agency. Such a legally complicated and unsafe process, like cashing a certificate, is a double deal scheme that encompasses both real estate and cash.

    Such a transaction can be simplified as follows: you come to a real estate agency that searches for a client who is willing to buy housing and agrees to wait from one to almost three months to complete the transaction.

    The client chooses the apartment himself, but you will need to purchase the housing certificate holder - you. The cost of a housing certificate should be no more than the estimated value of the apartment.

    As a result of two transactions, the home buyer becomes the owner of the apartment that you allegedly purchased earlier for a certificate. You get cash in cash.

    Note: such a transaction carries a certain risk and is not entirely clear with respect to the state, because the housing certificate, the cost of which you receive in cash, is a tool for providing housing, and not financial cash.

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