• How to get a court decision?

    Olga Lysenko
    Olga Lysenko
    January 21, 2013
    How to get a court decision?

    After the court session, a court decision is made. Such a decision is preliminary, without a motivated part. Five days are given for drawing up the motivated part and the final decision of the court. After that, the case is transferred to the office. So, where to get a court decision:

    • After the final decision and the transfer of the case by the judge to the office of the court, you must come to the office;
    • They receive a court decision with a reasoned part, signed by the judge and stamped by the court;
    • The decision must also bear the stamp that it has entered into force.

    In order to obtain a court decision, you must contact the office of the court with a passport. But how to get a court decision on his hands, while abroad? Here you should contact the consulate or representative office of the Russian Federation. After following the necessary procedures, you will be given a court decision.

    It should be remembered that you can appeal the decision within ten days after its adoption.Sometimes there is a delay in making a final decision, which can make it impossible to file an appeal. In such cases, a short complaint should be made immediately after the preliminary decision is made in the courtroom. This allows you to subsequently file a reasoned appeal based on a reasoned court decision.

    How to get a decision of the arbitral tribunal

    Today, there is a bank of court decisions in electronic form, where you can read the text of your decision. Need to know the number of office work. However, it is sometimes necessary to have on hand a court decision with all the seals and signatures. Then you should contact the office of the arbitration court with a statement and get the original or a copy of the court’s decision. It should be remembered that article 177 of the APC of the RF obliges the courts to send copies of the court decision to all persons who participated in the process by mail. Departures are made by letter of the order form with the obligatory notification of receipt to the recipient. Turning to the office, you must first find out the case number, agree on the date of the visit with the assistant judge. After that, come at the agreed time.You should also do before getting a copy of the court decision. In this application, you must specify the reasons for which a copy was not received earlier. This can have a significant impact on the course of the enforcement proceedings. In addition to the reasons, you should also indicate a reasoned rationale for obtaining a copy of the court decision.

    To take into account all the subtleties of judicial proceedings, you should contact professional lawyers specializing in one or another form of judicial practice. This saves not only time, but also correctly resolves all arising disputes and disagreements, as well as timely respond to the decisions of the court. Failure to appeal may result in the need to file a counterclaim.

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