• How to format a secure USB flash drive?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    January 25, 2013
    How to format a secure USB flash drive?

    The question of how to format a protected USB flash drive, users are often asked in cases when it is necessary to write to a USB drive protected by a password and still need to delete the old information. But to make it simple enough. To do this, use the special software.

    We format the protected USB stick in AlcorMP

    You can format a write-protected USB flash drive using the AlcorMP program. It is quite common, and it is not difficult to find it on the Internet. After you download this program, try to install it in the system local disk of the computer. Before you insert the USB flash drive into the USB-port, you must run the program itself.

    If a message appears on the computer screen that the settings have been made and the flash drive can be removed, then you should follow the recommendations and restart the program. Information on your device will appear in one of the 16 windows.Clicking on “Setup (S)” you need to enter the settings, after which the program will ask for a password that you do not need to enter, but simply click “OK”. In the item "Flesh Type" data flash memory chips will be visible.

    Then you need to go to the “Mode” tab, select the “Pure Disk” option and configure the data in the “Information” tab by ticking the “Fix Set” checkbox and writing the flash series number in the SN. Next you will see the “BadBlock” tab, which should be skipped and open the last tab “Other”, where in the item “Support for other types of controller or not” you need to select the controller type of your drive.

    If it is not in the list, then there is no need to mark anything, but simply press the "OK" button. Then the formatting will begin. Upon completion, information about the flash drive will be written in green. Then you can close the program and only then remove the flash drive. Now you can work with it smoothly.

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