• How to flash a Sony phone

    Synchronize your phone with a computer. To do this, you need a data cable, drivers for the computer in accordance with the model of yourphoneas well as synchronization software. If the above components are not included in the delivery, you can buy a data cable in the store of cellular equipment, and download the driver from the official website or use a search engine. Keep in mind that the drivers, data cable and software must be suitable for your modelphone. Install drivers forphoneon the computer, then connect the phone to the computer. Run the synchronization software and make sure the computer “sees” the phone.
    Download the firmware and software you need for flashing from the network. It is recommended to download the "clean", factory firmware. Otherwise, you can ruin the device that you want to reprogram. Please note that the firmware should be suitable for that model.phonewhich you want to reflash.To complete step # 1, copy the phone book, messages, and all personal information fromphoneon computer. Make sure the battery isphonecharged more than 50% to avoid shutdown during reprogramming. Run the software and copy the firmware that is on the phone. Perform all actions, carefully following the instructions. Disconnect the phone from the computer and restart it.
    In case of doubt in your abilities, contact the service center. Re-flashing is not a warranty case, so if you need to contact the warranty or service center.

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