• How to find your style?

    Clothing today is not just a way to hide your nudity and protect yourself from the sun or cold, clothing today is a way of self-expression. In our time, everything is so fast and fast, there is no time for communication, everyone lives his own life and has a clearly formed worldview. How to tell about yourself, quickly and easily make others understand who you really are with the help of a wardrobe? How to find your style?

    Having our own style of clothes, we carry a kind of message to the outside world. For example, a business style immediately characterizes you as a responsible, serious person, engaged in important business and having weight in society. Romantic style says about you that you are a gentle and quivering nature.

    Finding your style is troublesome and difficult. Sometimes it happens that the cabinets are crammed with clothes and there is no style in clothes. The question of how to find your style of clothing interests many. Let's try to figure it out.

    First, being stylish does not mean being fashionable. Fashion is changing, but style remains. Style is an image, and not only in clothes, but also a way of life, first of all. That is how you live, who you are, should determine how you dress.

    There are many classifications of styles. Here is one of them:

    • Classical
    • Sports
    • Romantic
    • Country (free or creative)
    • Casual (everyday)

    It is important not to impose one or another style of clothing on oneself, everything should go from the heart, otherwise you can never feel comfortable and you will never be yourself.

    Secondly, try to determine as accurately as possible your type of figure and figure it out on your own or with someone else’s help, what suits you, which emphasizes advantages and hides shortcomings.

    But then there may be such a problem as monotony in your wardrobe. You should not buy 150 pieces of identical turtlenecks, even if they are for you, or wear jeans for the whole life of the same model and the same color. It will not be stylish at all, but rather boring and uninteresting neither to you nor to those around you, and if you strive to be stylish, then your goal is to arouse people's interest.

    Thirdly, studying magazines or again with the help of others it is important to learn how to combine clothes with each other. It is not so difficult. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments. You don’t take money for fitting clothes in stores, so sometimes you can try something you’ve never worn, but what if you like it?

    You should not wear all the best at once, moderation is important in this matter. No need to wear more than three colors on yourself if you do not want to be like a parrot. It is also better not to wear several shades of the same color, it is boring.

    If you have decided to change your wardrobe, you should not buy all the clothes at once. Always think, buying every next thing, with what and how you will wear it. If you don’t know, it’s better not to take it, most likely, it will never be worn in the closet, causing only regret for the senseless waste of money.

    You should not dwell on any one color, for example, on black. A lot of black clothes in the wardrobe alarming others, gives the impression of you as a gloomy and depressed person.

    Fourth, use accessories. They are extremely important in creating your own style. Hats, bags, beads, belts, brooches, earrings and much more are present in this fashionable woman in abundance. Often with their help you can change your image without changing the entire wardrobe. They add zest to our look.The presence of accessories immediately makes us noticeable, and this is your goal.

    Accessories can also become your kind of "chip", which you will compare favorably with those around you. These can be bracelets, gloves, fashionable hats, glasses or bags. Look for your "chip" and let it always be with you.

    Fifth, if you have already found your style, do not think that this is forever. The style may change, acquiring additional shades depending on the circumstances of life and age, soybean possessive. Every year it will only become richer, like exquisite wine. The main thing is not to stop at what has been accomplished, you must always look for yourself, improve yourself.

    At first glance it is difficult to find your style, but as they say, the eyes are afraid, the hands are doing. If you have a desire to become stylish - this is already half the battle, the rest is small, and it is possible to learn this, especially since it is so interesting.

    Now you know how to find your style.

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