• How to find your iPhone?

    Apple offers its users powerful devices with many features. No wonder that the products of this American office are very expensive. This is justified by the quality of the product and its effectiveness. Naturally, such a phone can become the target of intruders who try to steal it. Well, some people just lose them. Today we will talk about how to find the iPhone that was stolen. And what to do if your favorite phone is lost. So:

    Stole an iPhone! How to find?

    It's no secret that Apple developers did their best, leaving the legacy of Steve Jobs in the safe hands of his students. Apple product safety is the benchmark in the global market for sophisticated digital devices. We will tell you about the features of the iPhone that will help you find it in case of theft or loss:

    • Go to the Russian-language website of Apple. It is there that you will be offered to use a wonderful service called iCloud. It is with its help you can determine the latest location of your phone or tablet. However, it should be understood that the phone itself will not come running back to the owner.He will have to search. Knowing the geographical location of the phone, it is much easier to do this than long and painfully remembering where you left it. When you go to the site, click on the "Support" tab. From the menu that appears in the left column, select the item "Find iPhone ...". Follow the instructions. Remember that not only the iPhone has such capabilities. Also using this service, you can find iPad, iPod touch and even a Mac computer.

    Finding an iPhone through a computer will not work if you have not enabled this feature in advance on your phone. To do this, you must:

    • Make sure that the operating system version of your phone is iOS 4.2 or higher.
    • Go to the "Settings" phone and select the tab "Mail, contacts, calendars." Need to add a new account. From the list, select the MobileMe application.
    • You need to create an Apple ID account and enter a login with a password. If you have any, you do not need to create anything. Old data can be used.
    • When registering a new account, you will receive a confirmation email on your email. You need to go to the received link and log in to your MobileMe account.
    • In MobileMe, enable Find iPhone. Select the item "Allow".
    • Now you can not worry about the loss or theft of the phone, as the function is enabled.

    This built-in "find iPhone" function (after installation according to the above instructions) gives you a number of advantages when using the device. For example:

    • The exact geographical location of the phone. Service organized through the site
    • The ability to send messages to the screen of your device.
    • If the phone is lost among things in your home, you can send a command to beep. It will identify itself even if the phone was previously in silent mode. By the way, so you can find and off the iPhone.
    • Remote installation of a four-digit code to protect personal data on the phone.
    • Delete personal data on your phone.

    How to find iPhone by imei?

    IMEI - international mobile equipment identity. This is a unique number of your device, which is assigned at the factory. It is impossible to fake it. You can find IMEI by typing the key combination * # 06 # or look at the back of the box from the phone. You need to file a petition with the police about stealing a phone with such an IMEI.After that, the guards make a request to the cellular company to track the transmission of the signal from this device. Such information they have, and it should be presented to employees of the internal affairs bodies. Is it possible to find an iPhone in this way? Statistics show that the effectiveness of the method remains in question, as fraudsters manage to circumvent this method of protection.

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