• How to find out the size of your feet?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    June 6, 2012
    How to find out the size of your feet?

    Recently, consumers are increasingly using the services of online stores. Buying shoes, often face such a problem as an inappropriate shoe size.

    How to find out the size of your leg will help a simple procedure that will take you a few minutes:

    • Place a sheet of A4 paper on the floor, put your foot on it and circle it with a pencil. At the same time keep it vertically. For a correct result, step on your foot, transfer your body weight to it, and relax your fingers.
    • Usually the right and left foot differ in size. If you are not aware of which of the feet is larger, circle both of them. The size of the larger foot will be your shoe size.
    • Take a tape measure or ruler and accurately measure the largest distance from the most extreme point of the heel to the tip of the finger. Do this with the contours of both legs.

    Now, according to the table, it is necessary to determine the correspondence of the length of the foot (in cm) to the size standardized in Europe. Men's sizes: size 40 is suitable for the foot length of 26 cm. Accordingly, the 41st for 26, 5 cm; 42nd - 27 cm; 43rd - 27, 5 cm; 44th — 28.5 cm; 45th - 29 cm.

    Women's European foot sizes are defined respectively: 35th - 22.5 cm; 36th - 23 cm; 37th - 24 cm; The 38th — 24.5 cm; The 39th is 25 cm; 40th - 25.5 cm.

    Metric Shoe Numbering Systems

    In the post-Soviet space, shoe size is determined by the foot length in millimeters, similarly to the European standard. It does not take into account the decorative allowances of pads, warm socks, etc. This system is the most convenient and corresponds to the international standard. The French shoe numbering system defines the size of a shoe by an insole that is 10 mm longer than the foot. The unit of measurement is a stroke (2/3 cm). In the UK, its own system - inch. Unit of measurement is inch (2.54 cm). 4 inches is the size 0 (the size of the feet of the newborn) and then the numbering goes in steps of 1/3 inches to the 13th size. The American system is similar to the English. How to find out what foot size when buying shoes with a non-European numbering system? Independently such calculations are difficult to do. There are special correspondence tables for this, which you should take with you when planning to visit a shoe store.

    About the fullness of the legs

    The fullness of the foot is a very important size parameter on which the convenience of the shoe depends.

    According to GOST shoes should be produced in the so-called. half fulls (there are 12).So, on the average female size, the girth of the widest toe part of the foot is 212 mm, with the largest 12th, 256 mm. Foreign manufacturers have about 17 full names, which are denoted by Latin letters, starting from A.

    How to find out the size of the baby's feet

    This will help the same method of measuring the length of the foot, which is described above. A foot length of 11 cm corresponds to the 17th size, 11.5 cm - the 18th, 12 cm - the 19th, etc. until the 30th (19 cm).

    Good luck with your purchase.

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