• How to extinguish soda?

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    How to extinguish soda?

    Properly prepared, that is, quenched soda will be an excellent ingredient if you want to cook a lush, airy and tasty baked delicacy. Yes, it is soda (as a variation - baking powder) that gives the dough a porous, light, crumbly texture during baking; allows the dough to rise and keep a curvaceous shape. Therefore, it is important to know how to extinguish soda, how to extinguish it, what proportions to follow and when to add to the dough. About this and talk.

    Extinguish soda properly

    Soda decomposes by adding to it any oxidizing agent. In the process of this decomposition water, carbon dioxide and salt are formed.

    How to extinguish soda

    Usually soda is quenched with vinegar (9%). Regular vinegar is replaced with wine or apple, you can replace the usual lemon juice.

    How to extinguish soda with vinegar

    The procedure is simple. Better to do it over the test. Put on a tablespoon (you can see a teaspoon, but you can see better on a tablespoon) the necessary amount of soda (what is indicated in the recipe is usually a teaspoon without a slide). And drip vinegar on the soda.If you are afraid to overdo it, pour a little bit of vinegar in a glass or a tablespoon. Soda will start to foam (the same carbon dioxide is released). Once all the soda is foamed, immediately put it in the dough and mix.

    Why put out the soda

    It would seem, why do all these manipulations, threw soda into the dough, and all right. It is the process of carbon dioxide emission that is decisive in giving baking porosity and fluffiness. Of course, if the dough already has an oxidizer (kefir, lemon juice, cottage cheese or sour cream), then the soda can be mixed with flour and added to the dough. Soda will react with acidic components directly in the dough.

    Many cooks believe that putting out soda in a spoon is a pointless exercise, because all carbon dioxide will evaporate, and only �ashes� will remain in the dough, which will not give the baking of the desired pomp. Therefore, it is recommended to use the method of quenching soda, where it is mixed with flour and sent to liquid ingredients, among which is the same oxidizer (kefir, sour cream, etc.). In this case, the dough just get fluffy and airy.

    If you nevertheless decided to adhere to the classic method of extinguishing soda (in a spoon), then knead the dough quickly enough, carbon dioxide should not evaporate before you start to bake.

    Alternative to soda

    Today, soda can be replaced by baking powder (baking powder). The simplicity of its application is that it is not necessary to extinguish and dilute anything. The composition of the baking powder (baking powder): soda, citric acid and flour (or starch, or powdered sugar). The ratio is specifically designed for soda to react. The result is the same.

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