• How to explain that you love?

    Lilya Mayak
    Lilya Mayak
    February 3, 2015
    How to explain that you love?

    Some may freely talk out loud about their feelings and confess their love several times a day. But for many, such manifestations of their own feelings are not easy at all, and an explanation of love for them becomes an impossible task. In fact, you need to find the necessary words and time. In this article we will explain how to explain what you love.

    Choose a time and place

    If you are overwhelmed with feelings and you are going to tell your love object to them, you need to choose the right time for this. Believe me, the reaction of your chosen one or chosen one depends largely on these factors.

    So, the evening time of the day sets more intimate and intimate conversations than morning or afternoon. In addition, you need to choose the time convenient for the person who needs to listen to you. If he is in a hurry to go home or hurry to a business meeting, consider that you will remain unheard. Therefore, you need to immediately exclude conversations "on the go." Cases of the heart can not stand haste.

    When choosing a place, you should also pay attention to all possible distractions. For example, if you invite a person to a disco and start explaining your love, he will either take your feelings lightly, or tune in to a dance. Both options at such a crucial moment devoid of romance, so take the choice of place to talk the most critical. You can arrange a dinner by candlelight in your home, or you can invite your beloved to a cozy and not crowded place where it will be difficult to distract you.

    Configuring for an explanation

    Let's say right away that sleepless nights with reflections on all the details of recognition are unlikely to help you say all that you have planned. Most often, after the first words, the conversation takes a different turn, which is difficult to predict. But such spontaneity allows you to be more sincere in the eyes of the person you love. As for the main phrases, our article will help you with this. How to tell that you love.

    There is also a category of people who, for example, cannot associate three words on school oral examinations, but at the same time write excellent essays and are able to express their thoughts in writing.If you relate to them, then you should either work on yourself and gradually overcome your anxiety, or (if you don’t have time for that) declare your love using a letter.

    Such recognition has its merits. Firstly, it is very romantic, and secondly, you will express everything that you want, and no one will interrupt you and will not translate the conversation in a different direction. Write a confession (by hand or on a computer - as you like) and reread. In this case, you can bring it into the necessary form, in which you want him to read the object of your love. You will not have such an opportunity with an oral explanation: as you know, “the word is not a sparrow ...” Good luck to you!

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