• How to equip the site

    In the manufacture and arrangement of the playground should choose the right place, taking into account safety factors. To locatepadbetter in such a way that children of different ages are not crowded. It is good to make part of the site in the shade. After all, children, and adults looking after them, to be constantly in the sun would not be entirely pleasant.
    It is necessary to take into account not only the age, but also the hobbies of children, their capabilities and wishes. When located on the site of various entertainment facilities such as slides, swings and other equipment, it is necessary to establish a sufficient distance between them. This will avoid injuries and possible quarrels of children. It is necessary to make sure that the materials are durable, that they are sufficiently processed (there should not be protruding nails, bolts, sharp corners, etc.).
    When arranging the playground, you can use ready-made sets of entertainment accessories. They are quite simple to assemble, have a bright color and will appeal to your children.Green grass should be planted at the site. From dangerous poisonous plants must definitely get rid of. Thorny plants should protect or remove them altogether.
    Nurserypadit is better to be located away from the pond and the roadway in order to avoid an accident. In addition to entertainment facilities must be installed on the site benches, urns. Even the biggest fidgets will sit on a bench with ice cream in their hands with pleasure, and an urn nearby will teach children to be careful not to throw rubbish on the ground.
    The quality of materials and structures should be high. You will have to keep an eye on the playground, inspect entertainment and play facilities to ensure children have a safe and enjoyable time.

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