• How to turn on the speakers?

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    How to turn on the speakers?

    The computer can be used not only as a tool for working and surfing the Internet, but also as a multimedia center. To do this, you must equip it with a subwoofer, an amplifier, or ordinary speakers. After the acquisition, it is enough to turn them on to the computer and enjoy high-quality clear sound. The main thing is to connect them correctly.

    What are the speakers?

    Nowadays, on the shelves of stores you can find a huge selection of devices for sound output. The main ones (not counting headphones) are:

    • System 2.0 - consists of two small speakers with an amplifier inside one of them;
    • System 2.1 - consists of two small speakers (satellites) and a subwoofer (for low frequencies);
    • 5.1 system - a variation from a subwoofer and four satellite speakers (for creating surround sound).

    There are also more advanced systems (for example, 7.1), but they are not widely used.

    For laptops, compact devices are also available. Using them on a home computer is inefficient, since they usually receive power via USB, which is not enough for powerful sound.


    Whatever the speakers, a standard plug is usually used to connect them (as on any headphones). The very same procedure looks like this:

    1. insert the sound system plug into the green connector on the back or front panel of the computer (the connector may be marked as headphones);
    2. we connect the network cable of the system (the one with the plug) to the 220 volt network;
    3. Press the power button on the columns (if available).

    Now the device is ready to play the sound from the computer. To check it is enough to launch any player and adjust the volume in it. It should be remembered that the sound can (sometimes even need) be adjusted also on the speakers themselves, and in the system settings (the �Dynamics� icon in the lower right corner).

    Sometimes the speakers connected to the front connector do not work. This may mean that the panel sockets are not connected to the corresponding pins on the motherboard.

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