• How to emphasize the text?

    Almost all of our life is transferred to the virtual space - reading e-books, communicating on social networks, etc. And although this is convenient, the printed text cannot always convey the emotions we need. That is why it is sometimes useful to highlight the most important thing, emphasizing it in the text. This is especially important when reading books, because there are always favorite quotes that we are used to highlight. What to do if you are the creator of the site and you need to draw the attention of visitors to the main phrases?

    How to emphasize the text in different text editors, as well as the creation of html-pages, we will tell in this article.

    How to emphasize the text in the Word?

    • In the 2003 version: you need to select the necessary part of the text and click on the underlined icon on the toolbar (it shows an underlined letter H). Or go to the "Format" menu, select the "Font" tab and select the desired type of underlining from the "Underline" list (you can make the line bold, double or decorative).
    • In versions of 2007 and 2010: select the desired segment in the text and click on the same “Underlined” icon on the Home tab in the Font group, which looks exactly the same as in the previous version.Or you can use the CTRL + U key combination (which also works in Word 2003). The underline style or color can also be changed. To do this, click the call button of the "Font" dialog box, go to the "Font" tab and change the "Underline" or "Underline Color" parameters to your liking.
    • In order to make an underline of words without underlining the spaces between them, you must select the option "Only words" in the "Underline" field (how to find the corresponding field, described in the step above). You can also select "Double underscore".
    • Sometimes it is necessary to emphasize problems alone (for example, to create empty fields in documents prepared for completion). To do this, hold down the SHIFT + hyphen (-) keys and hold until the underscore reaches the required length.
    • In order to remove an extra underscore, select it and press the key combination CTRL + U (D).

    What tags to make in html underlined text?

    • If you know how to use tags when writing html, then all that remains to find out is what kind of tag is responsible for underlining the text? We hurry to answer the question how to emphasize the text html! For,To make an underlined text in html, you need to put a tag U. However, it is outdated and is not recommended to use it in versions of HTML older than 4.0.
    • In addition, there is the INS tag, which is used to mark newly added text, but it also underlines the text.
    • We advise you not to use underlining simultaneously with the use of blue font, as underlined blue text is always associated with a hyperlink.

    How to make underlined text in css?

    • In a language like css, the underlined text is also not difficult to distinguish. This can be done using the text-decoration: underline; property, placed in the appropriate selector.
    • Text-decoration property: overline; draws a line over the text.
    • And text-decoration: none; allows you to cancel the selected settings and returns the text to its original form.

    How to write the underlined text in "Vkontakte"?

    • Far not everyone knows that such a function is in this social network, just for this there is no button in a prominent place, such as in Microsoft Word. To make an underlined text, you need to use the combination&#175.
      Count the number of characters in the text you need - the exact same number of this combination must be inserted under the text.
    • Not everything is as bad and bad as it seems! Good people have already figured out how to simplify this task.There is a website where you can enter the necessary phrase and get it already with ready-made code! It will only copy it and paste into a message or on a wall in a social network. Kindly provide the link: "".

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