• How to eat yeast?

    Yeast is most often used for baking bread, pies, pancakes, cheesecakes. However, you can cook many other dishes with yeast, which will be tasty and healthy. Let's talk about how you can eat yeast.

    Yeast intake

    Nutritionists believe that a healthy person should eat 2 grams of yeast per day. You can pour the yeast with hot water or boiling milk and eat them without sugar. You can also make yeast drinks.

    Yeast drink with honey

    150 g of rye bread crumbs should be poured with boiling water for 4 hours, then strain, add 50 g of yeast and some sugar. The drink should be left in a warm place to ferment for eight hours. When serving, you can add honey and lemon.

    Yeast Drink with Kefir


    • 0.5 l. kefir;
    • 100 g yeast;
    • 0.5 l. apple juice;
    • 4 tbsp. spoons of honey;
    • cinnamon.

    It is necessary to dilute the yeast and add a tablespoon of honey, then put in a warm place for twenty minutes. You should boil the drink ten minutes for a couple, then pour the apple juice and add the rest of the honey. After that, you need to whip the resulting mass with kefir and add cinnamon.Drink this drink must be chilled.

    If you do not like these drinks, try yeast pate.

    Yeast Pate


    • 30 g yeast;
    • 1 tbsp. spoon of sunflower oil;
    • 2 squirrels;
    • 2 tablespoons of water;
    • 2 onions.

    Onion should be finely chopped and stew with water and oil. When it becomes transparent, you need to add yeast and wait until they are dissolved. Then you need to drive in egg whites and stir until the mass thickens. After that, remove the paste from the heat, add salt and pepper, sprinkle with herbs and eat with bread or potatoes. Eat this dish twice a week.

    Yeast soup is also good.

    Vegetable Yeast Soup


    • 100 g yeast;
    • 50 g of onion;
    • 40 g of butter;
    • 1 egg yolk;
    • 40 g of wheat flour;
    • cauliflower to taste;
    • green peas to taste;
    • 150 g of green onions.

    Must melt the butter, add the yeast and onions and fry. When the yeast begins to melt, add flour. Then pour 1.25 liters. water, beat, salt and cook the mixture for 20 minutes. After that, add vegetables and cook the soup until done. At the end of cooking, beat the yolk and sprinkle with herbs.

    If you do not like this product in the form of food, you can try the yeast in the form of powder or tablets.

    Yeast intake is recommended for:

    • diabetes mellitus
    • anemia
    • prick,
    • hypertension
    • eczema,
    • acne,
    • restoration of the liver,
    • restoration of the pancreas.

    But with gout and kidney disease to eat yeast is not recommended.

    The beneficial properties of yeast

    Yeast has a number of beneficial properties:

    • Increase appetite;
    • Intensify the pancreas;
    • Lower cholesterol;
    • Increase the overall tone of the body;
    • Strengthen nails and hair;
    • Strengthen the immune system;
    • Toxins are eliminated from the body;
    • Normalize the intestinal microflora.

    If you lose weight, then you should know, the use of yeast does not lead to a set of extra pounds. Quite the contrary: they improve the body's metabolism. However, the yeast increases appetite, so when they are regularly taken there is a risk of losing control over the amount of food consumed.

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