• How to dye in platinum blond

    From brunette to blonde - no need to hurry

    Coloring dark hair in blond is a long process. You should not even try to get the desired color at once. The result can be disastrous. First you need to carry out the procedure of washing. The special structure is applied on hair as paint. It destroys the dark pigment, making the hair hollow from the inside. They can be filled with any color. With very dark hair, you may need more than one procedure.
    It must be remembered that blond hair becomes thinner due to the fact that they have almost no coloring pigment. The tips are particularly affected. They need to be treated with nutrients.
    After washing it should take about ten days to be able to carry out the staining procedure. During this time, you need to use a restoring means - balms and masks. Then it will be possible to maintain the health of the hair.
    The maximum allowable clarification after washing is three to four tones, depending on the structure of the hair. Thicker stained harder. That is, the transition color from a brunette to a platinum blonde is light chestnut or medium blond. In the following coloring you can try to achieve the desired color. But you need to take into account the natural shade of the curls. If he was a reddish (dark chestnut, for example), the yellow color may come out after coloring. In this case, you can toned hair with a special shampoo with a purple dye. It perfectly neutralizes the "chicken" shade, making hair platinum.
    Very dark, hard, curly hair should not even try to repaint in platinum blond. To get the desired shade, will have to spend a huge number of procedures that greatly spoil the hair.

    Tint shampoos and skins - great for natural blondes

    If the hair itself is light, it is possible not to injure it with dyes, but to give a platinum shade by lighter means. Shampoos and skins coat curls with a thin layer, making them more dense, shiny. The only drawback - they do not last long.Shampoo is washed off after one or two times, foam - after three or five trips to the shower. But, unlike paint, non-resistant means can be used quite often, without fear of spoiling the health of the hair. For example, you can apply a tint shampoo once or twice a week. The main thing is to use it correctly.
    Before applying, you need to wash your hair with regular shampoo, then distribute the tint on the curls and hold for a few minutes. From that, how much time means will be on hair, intensity of color depends. If you overdo it, the curls will not platinum, and gray-purple.

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