• How to dry the varnish?

    Vladimir Doneshko
    Vladimir Doneshko
    July 30, 2012
    How to dry the varnish?

    In the hectic working day it is difficult to devote enough time to bring nails in order. A rather large amount of this time is taken by drying the varnish applied on the nails. Let's try to consider how to dry the nail polish using proven methods.

    Nails: properly dyed and dry properly

    Nail plates must be carefully degreased. The varnish is applied on them with a thin even layer. The surface of the nails should not be wet. The second layer is applied 5 minutes after the first. Regular varnish will dry for about 15 minutes. But dear quick-drying - just a few seconds.

    • Proven popular way to quickly dry the varnish - olive oil. It is necessary to apply a little bit of oil on each painted nail, it will help not only to dry the varnish, but also give it a shine.
    • Cold water. Prepare a basin with very cold water before painting the nails. Wait 2 minutes after applying the varnish, and then lower your nails for 5 minutes in a basin of water. Then shake hands and dry outdoors.In this method, you must remember that the varnish should be applied in a very even layer.
    • Special tools. On sale there are special tools in the form of sprays that help to quickly fix and dry the varnish. You can buy a tool that will immediately fix a fresh manicure and at the same time dry it, and if you wish, you can purchase tools that provide these actions separately.


    Quickly dry varnish will help stream of cold air from a hairdryer or from a fan. Only before drying the varnish in this way, an additional layer of anchoring is applied to the nails. If funds allow, you can buy special devices for blowing on batteries.

    Ultraviolet drying for nails will help well; with its help, not only the varnish dries quickly, but microbes will be destroyed. Do not dry the varnish with a stream of warm air, for example, from a hairdryer. This method will destroy all the works and spoil the applied manicure. Nail bubbles may appear.

    By the way, the construction varnishes applied to the tree are also applied in thin even layers and are not dried with hot air, but they provide ventilation so that the surface does not bubble. So, there is a similarity!

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