• How to draw an ear?

    Kira Dobrovolskaya
    Kira Dobrovolskaya
    February 15, 2013
    How to draw an ear?

    Starting to paint a portrait, we pay tremendous attention to the eyes, lips, eyebrows and almost never think about the ears. It seems to be some simple form: auricle and earlobe. This is the main and most flagrant error. Soon you will understand how to paint your ears correctly.

    Short! The ear has many bends, which is why you need to pay special attention to lines and shadows. The contour of the ear resembles a half of the heart. The image of the ear shape must be accurate and accurate. When drawing lines try to avoid their obscurity and angularity. To add volume to your ear, use hatching. Next, select the main lines with the help of thickness and brightness. At the end we remove the dirt and all the excess. This is a generalized drawing of the ear, now consider the question in more detail.

    We draw ear step by step

    Now we will look at how to draw the ear correctly. First, remember: the ear pattern consists of an image of the outer edge, the auricle, and a hole that leads to the eardrum.

    • So let's get started.We draw an axis with proportions, while taking into account that the height of the ear is twice the width. The upper edge of the ear is near the lower corner of the eyebrow.
    • Mark a point in the middle and draw an arc from it. Further from this arc we will draw the following contours. The upper line, which marks the edge of the ear, should not touch the contour, but the inner one is dipped into the auricle.
    • Now we draw the auditory canal. To do this, draw a line of trestle.
    • This line depicts a groove in the auricle.
    • The final three lines mark the contours of the cartilage. We draw two big ones at the top and one on the lobe. At this stage, the construction ends. Now we need to shade reliefs, it will give the picture realistic.
    • In the middle of the ear, where the ear canal, a dark stroke is superimposed.
    • We continue to work on the upper part of the ear. We make some places and contours convex, for this purpose light shading is used, and some are concave with the help of dark shading.
    • In conclusion, draw the bottom.

    With the help of an eraser, we remove “smudges” and unnecessary elements. The main lines are highlighted, working on the strokes. That's it, we drew an ear!

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