• How to draw pony Rarity?

    Tatyana Eflina
    Tatyana Eflina
    September 23, 2014
    How to draw pony Rarity?

    Pony Rarity is a pony from the cartoon "Friendship is a miracle." If you want to know more about it, read the article - How to draw Friendship - this is a miracle. Rarity is a fashionable and stylish pony. She is a fashion designer and designer. This pony has a mark on the thigh in the form of three crystals, which means that she knows how to look for crystals. Today we will learn how to draw a pony Rarity.

    Pony rarity


    • Eraser;
    • Pencil;
    • Paper.

    We draw:

    1. First draw a circle - it will be a head. Next we draw a muzzle that stands for the circle of the head.Rarity
    2. Just above the head draw the forehead and a small horn. The horn should be pointed at the end.
    3. Then we draw an ear in the form of a triangle. The ear should protrude beyond the circle of the head. From the ear begins the neck, so draw a straight line down from the ear.
    4. Now we will draw the eye. We draw a large semi-closet closer to us, and a small semi-semi-open, which is located on the right side of the circle, that is, farther from us. Then on top of the eye we draw half-eyed eyelids and cilia on them.From above over the eyelids draw eyebrows with curved lines.
    5. On the muzzle draw a line in the form of a comma - this is a spout.
    6. Then go to the body. To do this, we continue the neckline a bit, and then we wrap it up in the shape of a semi-felted - this will be a tummy. And then we draw a short line from under the center of the head and immediately bend, then we draw a semi-oval - this is the back. We connect lines of a stomach and a back.
    7. Then we draw the legs. To draw legs, draw four columns, extended below.
    8. Go to the mane. Rarity’s mane is curled into one large curl. Therefore, we draw a large curl, make out the mane inside the lines. Then draw a bang - another curl smaller. First, the bangs rise a little higher than the horn, and then descend to the eyes of Rarity. Bangs also make out the lines inside.
    9. Now we draw the tail. He has Rarity curl in one strand with three large curls. Therefore, we draw one strand with a wavy line and twist it into three large curls. Inside the tail we make out lines.
    10. It remains to draw the crystals. To do this, we draw three rhombuses on the hip of a pony, and on rhombuses we draw edges to make it look like crystals.
    11. Now we erase unnecessary lines, draw shadows on the centuries of Rarity. Here is our pony and ready.

    You have learned how to draw a pony Rarity step by step with a pencil. If you want, you can paint the horse. She herself is gray, and the mane and tail are blue-violet, these colors should be very rich. Pony eyes are blue with black eyelashes. The crystals are blue.

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