• How to draw a picture?

    Many ordinary people think that drawing is a very difficult task, available only to people with rare talents. In reality, everything is not quite so. Naturally, only an artist with experience can paint the seascape in oil. But after all, this artist began with the basics. In how to draw a beautiful picture, practice plays an important role. First, try to draw simple drawings in ordinary pencil, only then moving on to drawings of landscapes, people and animals. Only after mastering the techniques and fundamentals of drawing and working with a pencil, you will be able to proceed to work with various colors in the future.

    How to draw a picture with a pencil

    Drawing with a pencil or drawing is a whole direction in painting. But as novice artists, you only need to master the ways to properly depict sketches and basic elements. You will need:

    • Before you draw a picture, you need to purchase all the necessary materials. You need to stock up on simple pencils, the best are the pencils of the brand KOH-I-NOOR, for example, Hardtmuth 1500.It is advisable to purchase pencils with the softness of H, 2B, HB.
    • For graphics and pencil work, it is worth taking a drawing paper, A4 size, if you experience inconvenience with large paper. Indeed, if you start with the size of A5, then it is more difficult to move to a larger plane.
    • Since it is impossible to draw a beautiful picture right away without having an idea about the overall composition, you need to think it over. Mark the outline of all the contours of objects. Be sure to mark the position of all smaller items. If you are painting a portrait, then, by drawing the head, make sure that the proportions of all the main components are marked accordingly and accurately. It is necessary to convey as accurately as possible with simple lines all the components of the picture.
    • Now proceed to a more detailed drawing of objects. In how to draw a picture, the phased drawing of parts from large to smaller ones is important. For example, when drawing a portrait, the detailing begins with the eyes.
    • Now you need all the small, medium and large parts of the picture to add shadows to make them more voluminous and naturalistic. Try to be natural, i.e.Try to draw the shadows as they look in reality. So, the nose is the most difficult to draw. It is quite difficult to draw, because its appearance and shape changes depending on the angle of view. Try to maintain a natural contrast, without too bright, or too dark elements.
    • Also in how to draw a picture with your own hands, realism means a lot. Therefore, try to make all the strokes light and smooth, because in the real world there are no too hard lines.

    How to draw an oil painting

    Painting with oil paints already refers to a more complex technique, therefore it requires certain knowledge and training:

    • First, take care of suitable materials. You will need a suitable easel, oil paints, brushes, solvent - turpentine, varnishes and palette. Also, it will not be out of place to acquire a palette knife and a rag.
    • It is better to use primed surfaces, for this you need to choose a canvas on a stretcher, and a canvas or cardboard - on cardboard.
    • Drawing with oil paints is seen by many, especially ladies, an elegant and romantic occupation.But it is worth remembering that this is also an art, so before you paint the picture itself, you need to choose the correct surface. Suitable for the use of oil paints are cardboard or canvas that is pasted on the cardboard. All surfaces must first be primed. If you are a beginner, it is better to buy ready-made primed canvases in the store.
    • Do not forget about the palette knife - a special spatula, with which usually mix paint. There is even a separate technique of painting with a palette knife.
    • Brushes are usually chosen with hard bristles, but soft brushes are suitable for painting with oil paints. You can use almost anything for drawing, except for your own fingers, because the substances that make up the paints are quite toxic. They can even cause poisoning.
    • Before working with oil paints, they must be mixed on the palette to obtain the desired shade. To do this, use a palette knife. To clean paint brushes, use thinner and rags. The best way to get shades you need by mixing no more than three shades of colors.Usually palettes are made of wood, but glass also fits nicely.
    • Directly the process of writing a picture is very individual. Each uses a variety of their own techniques and tricks. Often, before the beginning of the main pattern, the underlay is applied on the canvas. These are the contours of objects painted with very diluted paints. And they are almost invisible. Only after this begins drawing details. Oil paints are applied in layers, working through the parts gradually and carefully.

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