• How to download on Zaitsev.net?

    Ildar Yunusov
    Ildar Yunusov
    July 25, 2014
    How to download on Zaitsev.net?

    - this is a convenient and modern Internet resource where you can both listen and download music. Consider several ways to download free music from "no races".

    How to download hares not from the main page

    On the main page of the site there is an alphabetical index, a search string, a section of collections and a list of TOP3000 of this site. Each of these items allows you to download any song in the most convenient way for you. Let's look at each of them in more detail.

    Alphabetical index

    This function will help you find the right artist and song if you don’t fully remember the name of the singer (the name of the group) or you need songs of the performers whose names begin with, say, the letter “P”.

    After clicking on the desired letter will be a list of artists and their songs in alphabetical order. You will need to find the right artist and his song in the list and click on them. After that, a page with a song will appear: you can listen to it and download it in various formats (mp3, rar, doc, exe, etc.).After clicking on the desired format, the "Downloading ... file" window will appear. In it, you need to click on the appropriate link, and the download will begin.

    How to download from hares there is no whole collection or album

    In the “Music for Free” block in the left side of the site there is a section “Compilations from Zaitsev.net”. Going to this section, you can select and download a collection that you enjoy. Here you can find music for work, for running, collections of winter tracks and other thematic collections. To download a collection, you need to click on its thumbnail and then on the button “Download all tracks”. Immediately start downloading.

    Downloading music using the search line

    If you need to quickly find and download any specific composition, then for this purpose there is a slightly strange form of search on the site. After you enter the name of the song and the name of the artist and click "Find", a new tab will open in the browser. This tab is a search through Mail.ru, which never yields results, and therefore it is suggested to perform a search on the Zaitsev website at the bottom.

    Click on the link or “Find” button there, and another tab opens on which the composition we are looking for in all the options available on the site is presented in a neat and familiar list.Click on the song format that interests us, and the system sends us to the composition page, where the download can be done in the same way as described in the “Alphabetical Index” chapter.

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