• How to develop a questionnaire

    Visit any polling designer you like, for example, http://www.virtualexs.ru/cgi-bin/constructor.cgi. This service is very convenient because it allows you to create not only surveys, but also marketing research at a professional level. He will develop everything for you, you will only have to take care of filling the survey. In order to take full advantage of this resource, you must register. This procedure does not take much time. Just enter in the form your name, e-mail address, password to log in (the latter will need to be repeated). You will also be required to enter a security question and answer to it. If you want, tick the box next to "Subscribe to news."
    As a rule, to create a survey in this service can be both paid and free. There will be few differences between the created versions: just the paid version will have slightly more functions and features. After you solve this question, you can click on the “Start creating a survey” button.By the way, you can also choose the area in which you plan to conduct a survey. Among the long list you will find themes from auto / moto to pharmaceuticals and photos.
    To start a survey, copy the html-code of the created document to your website, forum or blog. You can analyze the first answers in a few minutes. All questions and answers to them will be saved for each respondent. In real time, the survey administrator will have access to summary statistics, the intersection of answers on various questions, an array of answers and cross-tabulation.
    In addition, there are sites that pay for passing surveys. Some of them provide the ability to create your own online survey, and absolutely free. The whole process of creation will take place in the design mode, you will only be required to submit questions and possible answers.

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