• How to defrost the tank

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    In order not to end up in a similar trap, you should follow simple rules:

    • With the onset of the first frost, empty the tank with summer liquid, and fill it with a winter, non-freezing liquid.

    • Always use antifreeze liquid in winter with a working temperature several degrees higher than the average winter temperature in your area.

    Helpful advice
    It remains the surest way - to warm up the car engine to operating temperature. To make this happen as quickly as possible, make sure that the hood is tightly closed. After the engine temperature reaches 80-90 degrees, the space of the engine compartment, including the fluid supply pipes from the tank to the washer nozzles, warms up so that the system is fully operational. Now you can safely go on the road, without forgetting to completely use up all the liquid from the tank, and add a new one to it, which does not freeze even in the most severe frosts.

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