• How to decorate the table with your own hands?

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    How to decorate the table with your own hands?

    Vintage in the interior has long become fashionable and seems to be not going to go out of it. Furniture items made in this style are now very expensive, but I must say, and they look just amazing.

    But what to do if you really want to have a retro thing in your living room, but the funds do not allow? Your hands, several tools and our article in which we will tell you how to turn an old unnecessary table into a vintage element of decor with the help of decoupage technique will help you.

    Selection of materials

    We will need:

    • paper and glue for decoupage;
    • dry pastels;
    • acrylic paints of two colors - white and brown;
    • two brushes - thin and wide;
    • rubber roller;
    • sandpaper;
    • heal (special foil imitating gold) and glue for it;
    • wax for furniture;
    • 4 types of varnishes - acrylic aqua varnish, spray, for shellac and Alpina varnish.

    There is a lot of materials, but all of them, for sure, you will need more than once, because decoupage captures once and for all.

    Surface preparation

    1. Skins carefully all the details of the table with sandpaper and cover them with acrylic varnish.
    2. Alternating brushes and roller, ground the table with white acrylic paint.
    3. We are waiting for the paint to dry out a bit, and paint the table with brown paint.
    4. Again, cover the table with white paint and wait until it dries.

    Decorating the table with paper

    1. Cut out the necessary fragments from the dekupazhnoy paper and lay them on the table to determine the composition.Table
    2. Alternately, lower the elements of the composition into the water and hold until they are soaked (carefully, do not overdo it!).
    3. We take it out of the water, lightly dry it, smear it with glue for decoupage, return it to the table and roll it with a rubber roller. Make sure that there are no air bubbles under the elements.
    4. While the composition dries out, we take sandpaper and skins the table in those places where we want to get scuffed.
    5. We take dry pastels and with light circular movements we supply the elements of the composition with a beautiful halo.
    6. We fix the composition with an aerosol varnish.

    "We grow old" table

    1. Apply glue for potat on the parts prepared for scuffing and fix the pot with a soft brush.Table
    2. We cover the potal with shellac varnish - so it will not lose its appearance for a long time.
    3. We cover the table with aqua varnish.
    4. In order to scuffs were not rough, we pass the softest sandpaper.
    5. Apply three layers of Alpina lacquer - this will give the table a slight yellowness.
    6. We wait until the table dries, rub with wax for furniture to remove excess shine.

    Everything, our wonderful retro table is ready! Such a piece of furniture can be a decoration for any interior, especially if you supply it with stools made in the same style.

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