• How to decorate a room

    Decide what repairs you will be doing. Design your room to suit your taste and calculate your estimated costs. The choice of materials is huge, take your time, focus not on price, but on quality.
    Purchase the necessary material, take care of the availability of tools. Prepare the room (free from furniture, remove the cover from the walls and floor).
    Replace the window and the central heating battery. Take care of electrical wiring. Do not forget about compliance with safety regulations. If necessary, consult with experts.
    Execute starting putty of a ceiling and walls. Level the floor using fill technology.
    Install the door, pre-selecting the direction in which it will open.
    Complete the preparation for the main ceiling and wall covering with a finishing putty.
    Start wallpapering. Strive to decorate the room as carefully as possible.Pay particular attention to the corners and the pattern match.
    Lay the floor covering. By the way, currently the most sought-after floors are made of natural wood. It is recommended to select a wooden floor, combining it in tone with an interior door.
    Install the baseboards. The presence of many accessory accessories will greatly facilitate the work.
    Connect sockets, switches, lamps. Get rid of dust and repair debris.

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