• How to cut grinder?

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    How to cut grinder?

    In the process of construction constantly have to perform cutting materials. Consider how to cut the grinder, which is an affordable and popular power tools.

    Cutting ceramic tiles

    A diamond wheel for dry cutting will help correct the shape of ceramic tiles. Choosing a circle, you should pay attention to its value. A higher quality element will cost more, but it will make a cleaner and more correct cut. The more diamond inclusions, the easier and faster work will be done with the tile.

    Before cutting the material, check the status of the work item. There should be no irregularities on the circle, which can deteriorate the quality of the cut. To eliminate them, you need to move a little on the plaster or concrete grinder. Cut tiles should be only after removing metal chips and exposing diamond inclusions.

    When using grinders should:

    • cut tiles in a straight line;
    • in case of mass processing of the material, to use a sled;
    • cut the tile not to the full thickness, as it breaks easily along the notch line;
    • cut only once.

    Metal cutting

    For cutting metal products or parts special abrasive wheels are used. When purchasing them, you should pay attention only to reliable models that can withstand high speed and overload.

    When working with metal, you should adhere to the following rules:

    • use protective equipment: gloves, goggles, helmet for protection against splinters;
    • do not work outside in wet or rainy weather;
    • before turning on the grinder, make sure that the disc is secured;
    • disconnect the device from the power supply when changing abrasives.

    Large grinders are useful for cutting large pieces of metal. Medium and small devices are perfect for grinding surfaces and making the details of a more perfect form. When cutting in a room, you should remember about the rapid abrasion of the abrasive wheel. Its hot particles tend to scatter around the room in different directions, which can cause a fire. They can also damage wall and furniture cladding.

    Before cutting metal, make sure that there are no objects in the path of sparks. The grinder should be cut only pre-marked and measured metal. While working on the product, do not press the grinder hard, pressing the circle into the cut, as the cutting element can not cope with such a load. The grinder should be lowered smoothly, without jerking, firmly holding the tool. The cutting part of the material should be held with the foot and pressed to the floor. The movement of the circle should occur exclusively along the marked line without distortions. To successfully cut, you need to provide good illumination of the working space and remove unnecessary parts that will interfere.

    Now you know everything about the Bulgarian cutting of metal and ceramic tiles.

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