• a guest24.08.17 22:09

    How to cure acne?

    Good afternoon, I would like to know how to cure acne on the face? What kind of ointment will be effective? or still drink a pill course?

    a guest16.08.18 20:58


    How do you wash problem skin? I have greasy skin with rashes. I went to a beautician, they said that according to my age I put such skin and hair and wash it more often. I bought tar soap, after reading forums, but it doesn't help. I understand that the mass market tools also do not work very well. What kind of drying gel really helps.

    I can not find in google :)

    thank you.

    This is the doctor must decide. If you just have acne, then the medication is alone, and if you have demodecosis, then without Benzyl Benzoate emulsion you will not be cured. Do not self-treat

    a guest24.09.18 19:00

    I got rid of good makeup, she tried and picked up.

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