• How to cure a bruise?

    When hit, hematomas appear very often. And this happens because the vessels burst. However, it is possible to speed up the process of their healing, and this can be done in several ways.

    From our article you will learn how to cure a bruise or prevent it from appearing at all.

    Ways to treat bruises

    Hematomas on the face pass in about a week, but if they are formed on the body, then they will have to wait for about a month to dissolve them. However, there are ways to reduce this time, and in a few days you can put on your favorite blouse or skirt. Read more about getting rid of hematomas in our article How to remove bruises.

    Cabbage leaf and ice

    If you just hit, a cabbage leaf will help prevent bruising. It will need to slightly stretch and attach to the site of impact. You can also attach ice to the hematoma. Due to the cold, the burst blood vessels will shrink, which means it will be possible to prevent bruising. In addition, you can use an elastic bandage, putting it in place of impact. Hematoma, if it appears, will not be so extensive.

    Pharmacy drugs

    A good remedy for bruising is a cream with vitamin R. They need to lubricate the hematoma several times a day, in which case it will go much faster. In addition, good results come from drugs that have chestnut and heparin extract.

    In the event of a bruise, pepper patch can be used, then after a few hours the hematoma will become less noticeable. However, it can be applied only 24 hours after the strike.

    A few more tips on curing hematomas can be found in our article How to quickly get rid of a bruise.

    Warm compresses

    Warm compresses and a hot-water bottle help to quickly cure bruises. That's just need to put them three times a day for 20 minutes. You will see that in 3 days the hematoma will disappear. To make the process go even faster, it is recommended to put mashed calendula flowers on the bruise.

    Beet with honey

    Hematoma can be cured by rubbing red beets on a fine grater, mixing it with a similar amount of honey and putting it on a bruise with a thick layer. After that, you can put a cabbage leaf on top, cover with polyethylene and fix with a bandage. After 3 days, hematoma can be forgotten.

    Potato starch

    You can try to get rid of bruises using potato starch. A small amount of it will need to be diluted with water to make a thick gruel. Apply a thick layer of starch on the place of impact and leave for a few hours.

    Salt compress

    Few people know, but ordinary salt can help the resorption of bruises. A tablespoon of salt should be dissolved in 100 ml of water. Then soak gauze, napkin, or cotton swab in this solution and apply to the hematoma. Keep such a compress should be the maximum possible time. It is recommended to repeat the procedure three times a day.

    When a bruise appears on the face, it is very difficult to hide this fact, but you can try to remove it.

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