• How to create a restore point?

    Vladimir Kulinich
    Vladimir Kulinich
    April 4, 2013
    How to create a restore point?

    Many users of a personal computer sometimes need to return the Windows operating system to its initial state. For this, system restore points are used. How to create a restore point, tell our article.

    Recovery points in the Windows operating system are created automatically every 24 hours or before installing some drivers and programs that are not digitally signed.

    Windows xp

    1. Click the right mouse button on the desktop and take the item "Properties".
    2. In it, select the item "System Restore."
    3. Turn on the "Observations" state of the disk on which the operating system is installed. By default, Windows reserves 12% of disk space for all restore points. In the window called “Parameters” you can increase the size of the disk space where the recovery points will be stored using the slider. In this case, the storage of old system snapshots will be long and you will have the opportunity"Roll back" to them at any time. You need to know that Windows Recovery only affects the most important system files. Your personal data on this disk in case of rollback will be lost. If you want, you can turn on the same “Watching” for other disks of your system. To do this, click on the desired disk with the mouse, then click the "Options" button and uncheck the "Disable System Restore" option.
    4. Suppose you want to restore the previous state of the system. Here's how to create a restore point:
      • Press the "Start" button, then the "All Programs" item, then the "Standard" item, now the "System Tools" item, and the "System Restore" item in it.
      • Select the item called “Create a restore point” in the “System Restore” window and press the “Next” button.
      • Now you need to enter a description for this recovery point, which should contain information about why and why this point was created.
    5. In order to roll back to the previously created recovery point, select the “Restore an earlier PC status” item in the “System Restore” window.

    Windows 7

    To get started, do the following:

    1. It is necessary to right-click on the “My Computer” icon and select the “Properties” item and look at the “Additional System Settings” item, and select the “System Protection” tab in it. Protection must be enabled.
    2. Next you need to click on the item "System Protection", which is on the left in the "Properties" menu.
    3. Now you need to click the button that says “Create” and in the new window enter the name for your recovery point.
    4. Next, click the "Create" button and the recovery point is ready.

    Now you know how to create a Windows restore point!

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