• How to cook rose jam at home

    Learning how to make rose jam at home is realistic if you follow the necessary recommendations exactly. What products will be needed in the process? How to get a really tasty dessert? Find out in this article.
    rose jam at home
    How to cook rose jam at home?
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    • Cooking time:2 minutes

    The benefits and harm of jam from rose petals

    With microelements and vitamins in its composition, unusual jam has a number of healing properties, namely the abilities:

    • saturate the body by eating small portions;

    • activate carbohydrate metabolism;

    • make the walls of blood vessels more elastic;

    • activate metabolism in the body;

    • promote maximum digestion of fats and proteins;

    • keep the cells young;

    • prevent bleeding.

    For the prevention of jam is used to care for the heart and immunity, the organs of digestion and respiration.Colds and throat problems are overcome faster with the help of tasty and fragrant delicacy. It is also recommended to children as an effective antihelminthic.

    Contraindications to the use of the product are diabetes mellitus and intolerance to the body of its components. Even if you do not fall into this category, it is important to know the opinion of your own doctor about the use of unusual jam.

    Homemade Rose Jam Recipe

    Exotic product of decent quality is obtained from correctly chosen proportions:

    • pink or red petals (without white base, which contains coarse pieces);

    • sugar;

    • citric acid.

    The cut petals are washed in cold water and dried on towels unfolded. At the bottom of the enamelled container they lay the foundation of the future jam, filling it with ½ kg of sugar. To the mixture is added a solution of 1 tsp. citric acid and ¼ Art. water, mix everything thoroughly. After that, roses infused 6 hours.

    Syrup for jam is prepared from ½ kg of sugar and 1 tbsp. water. It is enough to wait for the mass to boil. The resulting liquid is poured into a semi-finished product, which is cooked at minimum heat.

    You can use separately the petals and jam after straining.The latter are good as a filling for home baking. In a mixed form, a flower delicacy can be harvested for the winter by mothballing it in cans.

    In separate recipes with a photo of rose petal jam indicate the use of fresh lemon juice to obtain a syrup. As for the rest, the procedure for preparing a floral wholesome dessert is not very different from that described above.

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