• How to cook Philadelphia rolls?

    Angelina Ivanova
    Angelina Ivanova
    June 20, 2011
    How to cook Philadelphia rolls?

    The most familiar dishes of Japanese and Korean cuisine in Russia are sushi and rolls. And despite the fact that we love to feast on these goodies, we often confuse the names of rolls and sushi. And rolls are one of the types of sushi and are rolls, rolled up from rice, nori, fillings and cut into 6 equal parts. But here there are different ways to make rolls. This article will tell you the recipe for much more delicious and delicate Philadelphia rolls.

    How to cook Philadelphia rolls

    Most people have already tried cooking rolls at home, they put rice on nori, put stuffing in the middle and wrapped everything in a roll. A special feature of Philadelphia rolls is that the rice at the roll is not inside, but on the outside of the dry nori seaweed. Make it not as easy as it might seem at first glance. To cook Philadelphia rolls the first time, we suggest you follow the instructions ...

    Going to the store. Ingredients:

    • dry seaweed nori,
    • rice (special for sushi or round grain rice),
    • salmon,
    • Philadelphia cheese,
    • avocado, cucumber,
    • wasabi
    • soy sauce.

    The recipe for how to cook Philadelphia rolls:

    1. Cook rice. The proportions of rice and water: 200 grams of dry rice and 250 ml of water. Before cooking rice rolls, it must be rinsed. After the rice absorbs water, turn off the fire, cover the pan with a lid. We need rice to be steamed, it will take about 15 minutes. Many people add 1 tablespoon of sushi vinegar to rice to give a certain flavor and taste to the dish. But the choice is yours.
    2. On our usual mat (bamboo mat) we lay food cling film. Cut a sheet of nori in half and put one part on the film. On the nori it is necessary to lay out the rice in an even layer, leaving an empty strip on top of the alga.
    3. Then quickly turn the billet rice down to the film. And working with Philadelphia cheese. Spread on a roll can be a spoon. The result should be a strip (about 2 cm thick) of Philadelphia cheese in the middle of a nori leaf.
    4. Now we have to cut the avocado and cucumber into very thin strips, and then evenly put them on a strip of cheese along the entire length.
    5. With the help of the mat, we begin to gently and slowly roll a sheet of nori with rice and stuffing into a roll. Support the stuffing with your fingers, tucking it under the nori. Try to press the bamboo mat so that the roll turns out to look like a neat bar.
    6. When we roll the roll to the end and unfold the mat, you will need to carefully remove the plastic wrap from the roll.
    7. Cut the salmon into thin slices (6 pieces) right on the resulting roll, press it with a mat so that the fish stick to the rice. And then we cut the roll into 6 equal parts. Now, you can cook Philadelphia rolls!

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