• How to cook miso?

    Oksana Logunova
    Oksana Logunova
    March 27, 2013
    How to cook miso?

    Miso is a classic Japanese soup. It contains few calories, many vitamins and trace elements. Great dietary meal. Thinking about how to cook miso, remember that it is not difficult to cook it, but the dish turns out to be delicious and healthy. In the classic version there is no meat, which means that it can be cooked during Lent. The only thing to remember when deciding to cook miso, soup, the recipe of which exists in several variants, is not recommended to be stored. The soup is eaten immediately after preparation.

    The soup is cooked in dashi broth, the main components of which are small dried sardines, seaweed combi, dried mushrooms (shiitake). If desired, add different types of fish or shrimp. His taste varies, depending on how to cook the miso soup is decided by the hostess.

    Miso, the so-called fermented pasta, which included soybeans, rice, barley, wheat. Pasta, too, has its own version in taste and color for each region of Japan. Fermentation pasta occurs for months, sometimes over the years.Light pasta can be sweet, it is with rice. Red pasta is also suitable for soup or marinade.

    Basic recipe for soup

    • Dry fish - to taste;
    • Miso paste to taste;
    • Dry mushrooms - a handful;
    • Dry algae - pinch;
    • Green onion;
    • Tofu (optional);
    • Water;

    Stages of cooking:

    • Boil water, pour dry fish, cook for 10 minutes. Try broth, so as not to be over-salty.
    • Mushrooms pre-soak. Cut into strips, dip into boiling soup along with seaweed, cook until mushrooms are ready.
    • Paste stir in a small amount of broth. Add miso paste, for the first time, in small portions, trying not to disturb the harmony of the soup.
    • Turn off the fire. Pour the paste into the soup and serve immediately. Chop green onions and put in plates.

    Miso with squid


    • Light pasta - to taste;
    • Dry fish - to taste;
    • Squids (canned);
    • Shrimp - 5 pieces per serving;
    • One egg for 4-5 servings;
    • Dry seaweed;
    • Water;

    Stages of cooking:

    • Add dry fish to boiling water, cook for 10 minutes, try.
    • Add algae.
    • When the algae are cooked. Beat the egg and pour in, stirring.
    • Dissolve the paste in a bowl of broth, pour into the soup taken from the heat;
    • In plates lay out previously boiled or canned squids and shrimps.
    • Spill soup and serve on the table.

    Now you know a few recipes for how to cook Miso and pamper it with your family. Miso soup options vary depending on the weather and where you live. In the winter in the cold, you can add chopped pork or chicken. Dry algae replace canned. Dry fish concentrate dry broth or thawed fish.

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