• How to connect the filter?

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    How to connect the filter?

    Today, the quality of drinking water in many places leaves much to be desired, so it is increasingly necessary to install filters in our houses and apartments to get clean water. Installation of this device is simple, and everyone can easily connect the filter.

    How to do this, tell our step by step instructions.

    Instructions for connecting the filter

    1. First of all, we designate a place under the faucet for the filter. It is usually installed near the main tap at the sink or on the tabletop in the immediate vicinity. Drill a hole of the required diameter. If the faucet is located in a metal sink, take a drill for metal (for stainless steel - HSS-Co), if in the table top - a drill for wood. For sinks of granite poizditovoe drill is required.
    2. Now you need to make cold water to the filter. To do this, turn off the water supply in the plumbing system of an apartment or house and drain the remaining water through the faucet. Remove the hose connecting the faucet to the water pipe.At the junction, install the adapter tee and return the hose to its place. Be sure to check the seal of each thread to prevent water leakage.
    3. Next, perform the assembly of the filter (in some cases, the device is sold assembled). It is important not to forget to remove all the locking half-rings, remove the plugs and connect the plastic hoses.
    4. Crane from the filter set in place and connect it with a hose with a tee adapter. Check the filter housing: it must be tightened, and all the cartridges in it are installed. Hoses should not be kinked, you should also check the tightness of all connections.
    5. At this stage, you can proceed to test the filter. To do this, open the water supply to the system and check for any leaks. When properly installed seals in the joints will not appear a drop of water.
    6. Then open the filter tap and let the water flush the device for five minutes. The first water from your filter will be muddy, but it should be so. This leaves the remnants of technological dust. After the water displaces the air from the filter system, the water will become cleaner and safer.
    7. Having completed these simple manipulations, consider that the connection of this device has taken place. Now you can use clean water for drinking and cooking, which will undoubtedly help to improve the health of all your family members.

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