• How to connect the battery?

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    How to connect the battery?

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    How to connect the battery?

    A properly connected battery is a guarantee of warmth, coziness and comfort in your home. The heating system in our time should not only warm up the air in the house well, but also be cost-effective, so you should figure out how to connect the battery correctly.

    Types of connections

    Today, there are two types of heating systems (gas, electric). Before you properly connect the battery, you need to decide what kind of heating system you will connect it. You should also pay attention to the connection itself.

    There are several options for connecting radiators to the heating system:

    • one-way - the pipe that supplies water is supplied to the upper fitting, and the one that leads to the bottom. This type of connection provides maximum heat transfer;
    • consistent;
    • cross;
    • parallel

    Battery connection

    When you have finally decided on the connection option, you should proceed directly to the installation itself. Now it�s worth finding out how to connect the battery. Usually radiators are mounted on the wall with the help of brackets:

    1. To begin with, jumpers and taps are installed on the pipes.
    2. Fasten the brackets with dowels to the wall.
    3. Next to the brackets we hang the radiator.
    4. We connect the battery to the pipes of the heating system.
    5. For more efficient operation of the radiator, a thermostatic valve and a thermostatic head are installed on the supply pipe, and a shut-off valve is installed on the return pipe.

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