• How to connect a TV set-top box?

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    How to connect a TV set-top box?

    A digital set-top box is a device that allows you to watch TV channels in digital quality. Digital television, as you know, has a greater clarity of image, as a result of which it allows you to watch TV channels with much greater detail. However, in order to connect a digital set-top box, you need not only to figure out how to connect the wires, but also to purchase additional elements, such as an antenna and a coaxial cable. Further in the article we will look at how to connect a digital TV set-top box.

    Digital set-top box

    Any digital set-top box should include:

    1. Remote control.
    2. Tulips wires.
    3. And also the prefix itself.

    Also, separately, you will need to purchase an antenna, which you will need to install either on the balcony, or secure near the window from the outside of the house. In addition, purchase a coaxial cable that will need to be connected from the set-top box to a TV or any other device.In addition, you will need f-connectors. They can be purchased at an electronics and home appliances store.

    Prefix Installation

    First you need to prepare your coaxial cable.

    1. To do this, cut the ends so that the top sheath is removed 10 millimeters from the beginning of the cable.
    2. Try not to damage the protective sheath, hidden behind the white sheath, it will need to be bent, releasing the cable wiring. In case of damage to the braid, you will have to replace the cable, since the center conductor should not touch the sheath.
    3. Doing the above steps, fasten the f-connectors so that the conductor width protrudes no more than two millimeters behind them.
    4. Connect the cable to the antenna.
    5. Now you need to connect the tulip wire according to the color connectors. If you are going to connect the console not to a TV, but to, say, a dvd tuner, you may need a special adapter.
    6. Connect the coaxial cable to the console. Please note that the cable should already have a screwed f-connector.
    7. After you connect the set-top box to the TV, you can turn on the device and, using the remote control, start searching for channels.
    8. Channel search is performed in a special �Menu�, which will appear automatically when the console is turned on. Select the channel search function in this menu and wait until all channels have been found.

    Finally, we would like to recommend you to purchase an antenna without an amplifier, since such antennas are capable of failing as a result of the combustion of the amplifier. If you are planning to install an antenna in the house, then it will be enough for you to place the antenna in the attic. To do this, you can put it on any stable platform. In the settings of the menu "Power from the antenna" is not required.

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