• How to conduct a survey?

    Sociological surveys are carried out in order to clarify the opinions of people on various issues, to study their preferences in various fields, attitudes to any problems or events. In sociology, there are special methodologies of opinion polls and survey techniques. However, there are universal rules that will allow to conduct a survey, even for novice researchers. We will tell you how to conduct a survey in accordance with these rules, and what are the polls.

    Brief rules of the sociological survey

    1. It is necessary to clearly formulate the purpose of the survey.
    2. Determine the target audience: by age, by gender, by social status, by interests, and so on.
    3. Develop a questionnaire or questionnaire.
    4. Conduct a survey.
    5. Process the questionnaire data (calculate the percentage of responses).
    6. Perform a survey analysis.
    7. Draw conclusions and make recommendations.

    Types of polls

    • Written questionnaire - drawing up questionnaires with their subsequent distribution to respondents. Used in research activities.
    • Oral questioning - conducting surveys on pre-compiled questionnaires in live communication or by telephone. Often used in marketing.
    • Electronic questioning - placing questions (questionnaires) on websites, in social networks or on special services. Used mainly for website promotion, but also in marketing and management.
    • Interviewing - conducting surveys through a mini-interview. Popular in the media.

    Regardless of the type of survey you choose, the questionnaire should be compiled correctly and as convenient as possible for both researchers and respondents (respondents).

    Drawing up a questionnaire

    The questionnaire for a sociological survey should include not only questions, but also information about the person who gives the answers (age, gender, social status). This is important for the subsequent analysis of the results of the survey. When conducting electronic surveys in such information, the need often does not arise, since the target audience is known in advance - site visitors.

    For conducting surveys, questionnaires include not only questions, but also answers to them, one of which should be chosen by the respondent.Or, questions are formulated so that they can be answered briefly: “yes”, “no”, “I don't know.” The respondents are also offered to give their own answer to a question if this is required by the purpose of the survey.

    What polls can be conducted, for example, on the Internet? You can determine the age categories of site visitors. You can find out what users want to read about in your blog or what information they want to receive in a group on social networks. To maintain the interest of Internet users conduct the most unusual polls. For example, “What month were you born?”, “What time of the year do you like better?”, “At what age did you lose your virginity?”, “What do you like more: books or movies?”. So, how to conduct a survey, choose you. The main thing is to conduct it according to the rules.

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