• How to clean the fish?

    For many housewives, cleaning fish is the least favorite thing. In some cities today there are even places where you can fish for money. However, if you consider yourself a cook, at least at home, then you need to be able to clean the fish. This will help you our instructions. Now we will tell you how to clean the fish before cooking. If desired, each of you will be able to cope with this straightforward occupation and properly clean the fish.

    How to clean the fish: instructions

    1. To begin with, the fish should be defrosted. Then rinse thoroughly under a tap.
    2. Take a cutting board that is in every kitchen. Very well, if you have it in large sizes. At least one that could fit two medium fish. Using such a board, it will be much more convenient to clean the fish. In addition, you will need a small bowl, a sharp knife of medium size and a saucer, if the fish with caviar.
    3. Put one fish on the board with the tail to the right if you are right handed. If you are left-handed, then, accordingly, the fish should lie on the board with its tail to the left. So it will be much more convenient.
    4. Now it's time to remove the scales. Tilt the knife at an angle, and scrape the scales against its growth with a knife. Clean the fish, therefore, should be from two sides. Of course, using a knife is not very convenient. Today, special fish cleaning devices are being sold, which include a tool that can be used to remove scales much more easily. But, if you do not have such a tool, but there is a fish, then you can limit yourself with just a sharp knife and skilled hands.
    5. Once the scales are removed, cut the fish head. Cut about a centimeter from the end of the fish gills. Some types of fish, by the way, can be cooked with the head, without cutting it off. Often, for example, trout are baked in this way.
    6. Next, take the fish carcass in your hand and turn the belly up. Squeeze it a little in your hand and cut the fish belly along. Lay the carcass on one side and lift one of its sides, brushing everything inside. Remove all the insides, as well as the black film, using the same knife. Turn the fish on the other side and do the same.
    7. If you find caviar inside the fish, do not throw it away, but set it aside on a separate saucer.This caviar is very useful and you can cook it, by the way, in different ways. The most banal - just fry. It turns out tasty and healthy.
    8. Now cut with the knife the fins on the sides of the fish and the upper dorsal fin. Cut the tail of the fish and thoroughly rinse the finished carcass under cold water. Pay special attention to the black film that is inside the belly, and which you previously removed with a knife. This film can add bitterness to fish after cooking. Therefore, if it is still there, remove it with your hands.

    Now you know how to clean fish. Carcass fish is ready for cooking, grab the next one. Each time, cleaning the fish will be easier and easier. From fish today you can cook a large variety of delicious dishes. And everyone knows about the beneficial properties of fish, even children.

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