• How to choose espadrilles?

    Shoes should be not only fashionable, but also comfortable. And these are the espadrilles, which are now especially popular among the female half of the population and are popular with both young girls and mature women.

    What it is?

    Espadrilles are summer lightweight shoes: the sole is woven and jute, and the top is usually textile or leather. They appeared in Spain, as it is believed, in Catalonia. And at first, espadrilles were made of grass and resembled the likeness of Russian sandals, but gradually improved. In the masses, such shoes became popular in the 60s of the last century, and even Yves Saint Laurent himself noticed them and presented them at one of the fashion shows.

    How to make a choice?

    How to choose espadrilles? Pay attention to:

    • Quality. Look through all the seams and seams, fixing the insoles and other important details.
    • Top material. Traditionally, these are textiles, and it is desirable that it be natural or at least combined, since fully synthetic materials do not allow air to pass through and slowly evaporate moisture, causing foot sweating (which is already undesirable in hot summer).Demi-season espadrilles can be made of leather or leatherette, suede.
    • Sole. There are models on a flat course, a platform, a small heel or wedge heel. And yet traditional espadrilles initially had smooth simple soles, comfortable in everyday wear. But in special cases, you can and should afford something more interesting.
    • Colour. Classic black gives the image a certain severity, white refreshes, makes you look like a summer air. Gray color is neutral, milk or beige looks gentle and discreet. And you can choose bright espadrilles: red, mint, blue, yellow, maroon, green, orange, yellow. Juicy tones are suitable for special occasions, attract attention and are far from being combined with all clothes, therefore they require competent thinking through the image.
    • Print There are not only monochrome espadrilles, but also supplemented with patterns: floral, geometric, animalistic, plant, abstract, ethnic. In the trend of slogans, labels and labels.
    • Additional details. If you want to make the image more feminine, more interesting and more romantic, choose espadrilles with embroidery, appliqués, beaded stripes or stones, strings.
    • Classic espadrilles are closed, but may have open parts, such as noses or sides.

    How and with what to combine?

    What to wear with espadrilles? There are a lot of options:

    1. Jeans, and the most different styles: free "boyfriends", narrow "skinny", classic straight. Bottom can be supplemented with a denim top, for example, a jacket or vest. Simple youth t-shirts and t-shirts (plain or with prints), sweatshirts, light unbleaching blouses, tops and shirts fit into the image.
    2. Dresses Undoubtedly, espadrilles are organically combined with dresses of various models: knitted type “noodles”, summer short of flowing fabrics (satin, chiffon, silk), negligent or shirt styles.
    3. Sarafans: short or long, made from any materials and different styles. Such a thing is associated with summer, and espadrilles also belong to the warm season.
    4. Skirts. And the choice is truly diverse: the romantic and feminine models of the "sun" in the style of new look, straight mini or midi, sexy knitted "pencils." Add a skirt with a blouse, shirt, top, T-shirt, light pullover or sweatshirt, depending on the style of the set.
    5. Pants: narrow ankles to the ankles, wide culottes flared from the thigh or knees, bananas.Almost any model perfectly harmonizes with espadrilles, and you can complement them with various items of clothing: T-shirts (including polo), shirts, tops, blouses, pullovers and sweaters.
    6. Shorts: denim, light cotton or stylish leather. Length is any: from extremely short (if such a figure allows) to comfortable and restrained - to the middle of the thigh. With shorts, you can wear everything that is combined with jeans, skirts and trousers.
    7. Various overalls: with short, long or short leg, elegant cocktail patterns or loose walking, made of denim, cotton, silk and other materials. On an open overall on a cool evening, you can throw a blazer or cardigan.
    8. Beach tunics. Yes, it is quite possible to wear espadrilles on the beach instead of sandals or slippers, and it is much more convenient to walk on the sand in them, and textile materials, when wet, quickly dry in the sun. So feel free to wear shoes and wear a free and light tunic to walk to the beach.

    For your information! Fashionable espadrilles fit perfectly into different styles of clothing: scandalous hippies, casual casual casual, romantic boho, somewhat brutal safari, cute country music.But definitely such shoes will not fit into a business image or evening, as it is designed more for everyday wear and assumes comfort and lightness, but not luxury and pretentiousness.

    Tip! Wearing espadrilles should be on bare feet, but if you are not used to this, choose socks, socks that will not be visible from under the shoes.


    A girl or woman is important to think through the image to the smallest detail and choose accessories. Espadrilles are combined with:

    • Comfortable textile or leather bags of medium size.
    • Hats: straw or textile, referring to the resort or sea style.
    • Summer light kerchiefs, which can be tied around the neck or head instead of the headdress, hair accessory.
    • Various sunglasses. The frame is selected according to the shape of the face.
    • Simple imitation jewelry: beads, bracelet made of leather, beads or wood, discreet earrings, watches.
    • If appropriate, underline the waist with a strap.

    Espadrilles are stylish and comfortable summer shoes, which should be in the wardrobe of every fashion-conscious and appreciating convenience of the fair sex.

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