• How to choose a stick?

    The favorite sports game of millions of people is hockey. And the most important weapon in this game is definitely a stick. With the help of a stick, five hockey players score goals at the gates of the enemy. She slides on the ice floor and, getting to the opponent in the goal, brings the team a long-awaited point.

    For the first time clubs appeared in Holland, at the end of the 16th century. In those days, hockey was played with the help of a ball and a stick. Players who play professional hockey understand that the stick has a very big role in a successful game. Looking at her, you can make a psychological portrait of the owner, and character traits. How to choose a club just for beginner athletes? Buying a stick, pay attention to the weight and even the age of the player. The clubs are divided into the following groups:

    • children (up to 7 years);
    • teenage (up to 14 years);
    • youth (up to 17 years);
    • adults (from 17 and above).

    Types of clubs

    In the old days, willow, maple, etc. were used to make clubs. Then in the course went more cost-effective wood (birch, oak). In order that the club did not turn out too heavy, it was necessary to press and glue the layers of wood. The product turned out more durable and flexible. Also, aluminum was used to create the putter.

    We analyze how to pick up a stick. After all, there are a huge number of them, and everyone is so different. How to determine the one that you need it? First of all, pay attention to your financial capabilities, and then to the advantages of a stick. Sticks are wooden and composite.

    Wood. They are not expensive, but do not serve for a long time. For the manufacture of such clubs stick several layers of wood, and cover them with fiberglass or plastic. The main advantage of a wooden stick is that it allows you to control the puck very well. But, this species has drawbacks. After all, the tree has the ability to deform, bend. And besides, they do not understand, because they are whole. And in case of breakage of one part, you will have to purchase a new stick. The wooden club is heavy in weight and because of this, the hands get tired faster. This also affects the game. Starting to play hockey is best with a wooden hockey stick. The player will feel better the puck and as a result, to automatism, will work out the transfer and throw.

    Also, clubs can consist of a pipe and hook, connected to each other with a special glue.These clubs will cost you less, because if you break or lose one of the parts, you can easily replace it with another. In addition, there are various forms of hooks. But remember that solid clubs are much better in quality than separate ones.

    Composite. These are pretty expensive clubs, but they last much longer. They have a very large list of merits. First is the weight. Such a stick weighs 400-500 grams. Yes, and restorations lend themselves better. But, here they are not cheap, as the manufacturer uses very expensive materials for the manufacture of such a stick. Such as carbon, fiberglass, Kevlar, titanium, carbon fiber.

    Previously, fiberglass was used to cover a club made of wood, but such clubs did not allow the player to fully control the puck. Now fiberglass is used to connect wood, carbon and Kevlar. Most often, for the manufacture of clubs used carbon. Even professional hockey players prefer such clubs. Initially, only a cutting was made of carbon fiber, and now also a hook (as they are a single whole). These clubs are very convenient to use, well allow the player to feel the hook bend and puck, but they are not cheap, and do not last long.

    What else is made clubs

    Still, for the manufacture of such a component is used as Kevlar. Previously, it was used to make hooks for aluminum hockey poles. These hooks served the players much better. Kevlar complements carbon fiber and wood very well. It is used in our time. With the help of Kevlar, the club serves the owner much longer and with better quality. The player controls the puck well.

    Titanium is also used in the development of clubs. They cover the stalk, and the hook is left carbon or wooden. There are cases when titanium is simply added to a tree or carbon, and thanks to it the club becomes lighter, stronger and more flexible.

    Before you choose a hockey stick, pay attention to what it is made of. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each of the materials, you can purchase what is right for you. Each person chooses a stick personally for himself. You can also purchase a putter made to order.

    The stick must be well balanced (the hook does not outweigh the base). There are clubs that a player can control with one hand. In the old days, the handle was made of uniform width, and now, to improve the quality of the throw, they sharpen to the bottom.

    How to choose a stick for growth

    In choosing equipment for hockey you need to pay attention to the length of the stick. The choice of this length will depend on the type of club chosen, and on who will play with it (goalkeeper or field player). But, in any case, the length should not be more than 163 centimeters, the thickness is 2 centimeters, and the width is not more than 3 centimeters.

    If you buy a stick for a goalkeeper, then it should have an extension of about 7-8 centimeters below, and a length of no more than 70 centimeters. If you buy a club for a field player, the hook should be 32 centimeters long, and if for a goalkeeper, then 39-40 centimeters.

    In order to correctly choose the length of the club, you need to put it near you and see if the stick reaches you to the chin. If so, then the stick is chosen correctly.

    If, suddenly, it turned out that you bought a too long stick, then you can cut it a little. But not more than 1/4 of the actual length of the club. The main thing that the player felt the puck and he was comfortable. You can even practice on the ground, imitating the game. If you feel that the club is perfect for you, then the game will be great.

    Hook forms

    Hooks are characterized by: the place of the bend, the depth of the bend, the angle, the shape of the sock and the curvature of the lower edge. We will analyze how to choose a hockey stick.

    Novice players should acquire a club with a round nose, a bend depth and an angle of five to six (the number means the sharpness of the hook). For each player, the angle must be determined individually.

    Several types of sock hook: square, round, square with rounded corners. Sticks with a round toe suit striker. And the stick with a square toe — to the defenders. It is more convenient to play at the side.

    The power and accuracy of the player’s punches depends on the hook's bend. But you need to take into account the physiological characteristics of the player (right-handed or left-handed). If the player is right-handed, then you get with the left bend, and if you are left-handed, then with the right. The bend can be different: heel, middle or toe. The stick, with the heel hook folded, better lifts the puck, and allows the player to control it. The most convenient is the bend in the middle.

    The speed of raising the puck is also affected by the curvature. Only experienced players can play on the field with clubs, with a large curvature. Feather pipe is determined by its shape. For the usual, the usual hook, and for the narrower, narrowed. They help to hit harder, but they are more expensive.

    Characteristic stick

    The strength of bending of the club is determined by the springiness and flexibility of the club.These indicators depend primarily on the weight of the player. Flexibility is measured from forty to one hundred twenty points. Sticks, hardness are divided into:

    • soft;
    • ordinary;
    • tough;
    • especially tough;
    • very tough.

    Let us figure out how to choose a hockey stick with a greater weight - for hockey players with a weight greater than 100 kg. Tough clubs are suitable. They affect the performance of the throw by the player. In order to check the stick for stiffness, you need to hold the middle of the handle with one hand and the handle with the other, and press down. If the club springs, it will be convenient in the game.

    Key features

    To choose a good club, you need to pay attention to such features: the purchased club should fit the player in height, it should not be hard. Also pay attention to what the club is made of. The main thing is not to forget about the bends.

    The club is assigned the main role in the game. Therefore, the choice of stick to treat carefully and consciously. If the stick is chosen correctly, then the game will bring pleasure.

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