• How to choose a shower stall

    Decide on the size of the shower. Today, there are many options on the market: from corner pallets to built-in cabins with a hydromassage bath. Choose the one that fits your bathroom size. ChooseshowerboothA suitable size is one of the main tasks: be sure to try it on yourself; is it convenient for you in it, not closely, if it has a seat, be sure to check it too. You should be comfortable in it in any position.
    Choose a suitable shower tray. They are ceramic, enameled steel and acrylic. The last of them are especially popular because they do not corrode and heat up quickly.
    Pick the right curtain for the shower by type of material. They are made from safety glass or from various types of plastic: acrylic, plexiglas, polystyrene. If you want to save money, stop your choice on plastic blinds, it’s better if they are colored or matte, as over time, the plastic becomes cloudy and loses its appeal.
    Select the design of opening the curtains. It is sliding or hinged and has a different number of valves. Swing doors of the swing construction occupy more free space, but due to this, they have an increased entrance opening.
    Pay attention to the mechanism of the sliding system, as it is mounted: on rollers or on hooks. The mechanism should work clearly in any case, otherwise the chance of cracks and rapid breakdowns increases.
    In the shower with hydromassage, pay attention to the number of nozzles. The optimal amount is from 6 to 10 pieces. Not bad if there are additional jets for massage of the neck, shoulders, feet. The nozzles should be rotated in different directions so that you can easily customize them.
    Before you buy a shower stall with the function of a hydromassage, ask your plumber, for example, in the housing office, the water pressure in your home. As a rule, a pressure of one and a half bars is enough for a shower cabin, but there are models that work only from 2 or even 3 bars.

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