• How to choose a pillow?

    Sleep is an important part of well-being. Your sleep is largely due to what you sleep on, and to a greater extent, a pillow. It is she who will provide your spine with relaxation, thanks to which your sleep will be strong and healthy. How to choose a pillow, we will tell in this article.

    The choice of pillow is individual, so it is not necessary for all family members to buy the same pillow. When choosing a pillow for sleep, be sure to consider in which position a person sleeps more:

    • on the back - use low pillows, they will allow your neck to relax.
    • on the side - use high pillows, it is they who will be able to support your neck and head so that they continue the spine in a straight line, which will allow it to rest.
    • on the stomach - you need a low pillow that will prevent tension in the neck muscles.

    Pillows have the characteristics:

    1. Shape: you can choose a classic or orthopedic pillow. How to choose the right orthopedic pillow is written below.
    2. The sizes of a pillow happen various - their choice is individual.
    3. The filler, the softness of the pillow depends on it. There are natural and synthetic fillers. If you like feather and down pillows, then pay attention to the presence of the “NOMITE” mark on them, which means that the natural fibers are hypoallergenic. Of the natural fillers, the cheapest is cotton wool. Pillows filled with buckwheat husks have a massage effect, they also perfectly follow the contours of the body. Synthetic fillers include polyester, comfort, synthetic winterizer, holofiber and others.

    Tips: how to choose a pillow to sleep

    • When choosing a pillow, be sure to consider the structure of the person. For people with broad shoulders who like to sleep on their side, you need a higher pillow.
    • Consider the softness of your mattress: the harder the mattress is the higher the pillow.
    • Choose pillows from hypoallergenic materials.
    • The length of the pillow should not exceed the width of the mattress.

    It is also necessary to use the pillow correctly: beat the pillow in the morning, do not fill the bed right away - let it cool down, regularly dry and air the pillow outdoors, it is advisable to wash the pillows from synthetics.

    How to choose an orthopedic pillow

    Orthopedic pillows are ergonomically shaped pillows with one or two rollers to support the neck. The classic shape of the pillow is more familiar to people, but no more useful. However, it is necessary to get used to the orthopedic pillow, you will never want to sleep on a regular pillow a few days after using it.

    The dimensions of the orthopedic pillow are selected in the same way as the dimensions of the classical one; pay special attention to the width of the shoulder - the height of the pillow should correspond to it.

    Materials orthopedic pillows are very diverse, here are the main ones:

    • Latex is durable, pillows from it are easily erased, do not cause allergies. If the pillow turned out to be high for you, then you can cut the lower layer, adjusting it to yourself.
    • Viscoelastic foam is used as a material for “with memory” pillows - under the influence of heat and pressure, they adapt to the shape of your body. Pillows from such material cannot be washed in any case.
    • Polyester fills the pillow in the form of balls, lubricated with silicone. Thanks to this composition, the pillow quickly takes on the anatomical shape of your body when you change your sleeping position.You can independently adjust the size of such a pillow. If you want to make it lower - pull out a piece of balls from the pillow. Polyester cushions are durable, anti-allergic, easy to wash.

    How to choose a pillow for a child

    For newborns, instead of a pillow, you can use a rolled-up blanket, placed under the mattress, so that the surface is level and the baby’s head is slightly raised. When the child grows up, he needs to pick up a personal pillow. The main thing is that it corresponds to the child in height, and was hypoallergenic.

    Natural materials are more recommended, as they are better than the synthetic heat and prevent sweating. However, synthetic materials are the safest in terms of allergy, such pillows are easy to wash. Increasing preference is given to buckwheat husks pillows. In addition to the massage effect and anatomical properties, they make rustling sounds, which often soothes children. You can also choose a children's orthopedic pillow.

    You have learned how to choose the right pillow. Remember that you should not save on a pillow, because it is she who is the key to your healthy sleep.

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