• How to choose a matter of life

    Do not look around and do not listen to the advice of others. If you are an adult who can be responsible for your decisions and actions, decide to go about your business. Do not pay attention to those who recommend to engage in a more useful / profitable / interesting occupation. They are trying to impose their world view on you, but be above it and go your own way.
    Learn to understand yourself in order to decide your business.of life. Analyze your abilities, skills and talents. Which lesson brings you more pleasure - manual or mental work. Do you like to communicate with people or prefer loneliness. As far as you are a creative person. Ask yourself questions to figure out which field of study is closest to you.
    Remember what you wanted to do as a child. If you can’t remember your hobbies by yourself, ask your relatives / siblings or parents. In childhood, a person is still not so strongly influenced by society and gives preference to exactly what he likes. If you loved to draw as a child, it is possible that your vocation is to be an artist.
    Try to imagine what you would do if you could do anything. You do not need to think about the profitability of this business, about the opinions of others, about your skills. The main thing is that it really brings pleasure.
    Start from the knowledge gained and look for the right thing. Bring together what you know about your desires. Think what occupation is closest to your hobby? In one area there are many activities that vary in terms of payment and complexity. For example, if you feel in yourself a writer's beginning, you can try yourself as a journalist, writer or blogger.

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