• How to choose a good shampoo

    Decide whichshampooyou need. There are mild products for daily washing or deep cleansing, preparations that solve local problems like seborrhea, as well as shampoos designed for different types of hair.
    Read the composition indicated on the label. For dry hair, shampoos enriched with vitamins and amino acids are suitable, thin and rare silicones will be needed, and weak and splitting will require lipids and ceramides. Appreciate the aroma and texture of the product. Consider that the more concentratedshampoothe slower it is consumed. Too liquid products run out very quickly.
    If you have a tendency to allergies, choose colorless shampoos with a minimal amount of flavors. Consider that herbal ingredients may also be allergens. Contact the pharmacy - there you can find the right means. The pharmacy should look for drugs to treat problem hair and scalp.
    Do not buy “2 in 1” products, better pick up a good hair balsam for a pair of shampoo. The combination of two products in one bottle weakens the effect of each of them. As a result, you can get not very well washed hair with dry ends.
    Are you interested in organic products? Look for a vial of international certification. If it is absent, please note that in this case the mark “Bio” in the name of the tool is just a marketing ploy of the manufacturer.
    If regular shampoos from supermarkets and perfume stores do not suit you, try to find the right product at the hair salon. Stylists will tell you which tool is suitable for your hair and demonstrate its effect on your hair. If you are satisfied with the result, you can purchase the tool you like right there or go to a specialized store for hairdressers. There, the purchase will be cheaper.

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