• How to check the thermostat?

    Vladimir Doneshko
    Vladimir Doneshko
    April 9, 2013
    How to check the thermostat?

    Both the rapid overheating of the engine and the long period of reaching the operating temperature may have the same reason - thermostat malfunction. This small, but very important device, is responsible in the cooling system for regulating the circulation of coolant. Its function is to ensure fast warm-up of a cold engine, as well as to prevent overheating of the motor operating in optimal mode.

    In order to make sure that malfunctions in the cooling system occur precisely because of a thermostat malfunction, there are several ways to test its performance. Usually the thermostat is located in the space between the engine and the radiator and therefore, using the methods for checking it directly at the installation site, one should be careful not to burn the hot elements. Ways of how to check the operation of the thermostat, based on the principle of its operation. They consist in the fact that the device opens and closes the valve of the pipeline,circulating the coolant either in a large circle (that is, through a radiator) or in a small one.

    • The first way is to let the engine run for 2-3 minutes and then gently touch the hose from the thermostat to the radiator with your hand. If the hose is cold, then everything is in order. If it is warm, it means that the valve is not tightly closed and the engine will long be heated to operating temperature. This circumstance entails excessive fuel consumption. Next, you should let the engine warm up to operating temperature, that is, up to 85-90 degrees. After that, again feel the pipe connecting the thermostat to the radiator. It must be hot. If it stays cold, then the thermostat is jammed in the closed position. In this case, the engine can overheat, as the coolant does not have the ability to circulate through a large circuit.
    • The second method is similar to the first, but more simple. It is necessary to start the car and let the engine warm up to operating temperature. After that, you must gently touch the upper hose leading to the radiator and the lower hose extending from the radiator. If the top hose is hot and the bottom hose is cold, then the thermostat is faulty because it does not circulate coolant through a large circuit.
    • The next way is to check the thermostat at home. Before checking the thermostat in this way, let the engine cool down and drain the coolant. The thermostat is removed, placed in any suitable container and filled with water. The water is heated on the stove to a boil. Fault is determined visually. If the valve is open, then the thermostat is in good condition, if not - it's time to change it. The fact is that inside the cylinder inside the thermostat, artificial wax is placed, which begins to melt at 82 ° C. Expanding, wax pushes the pin, opening the valve. When the wax cools, the pin retracts.

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