• How to change the valve seals?

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    How to change the valve seals?

    Many motorists are faced with the question of how to replace the valve seals. Any parts in the car have their own resource and, one way or another, they must be subject to timely replacement. The article tells in detail how to change the valve seals on the car.

    Consider the question of replacing valve seals with their own hands. Valve seals are special sealing gum that does not allow the engine oil to penetrate into the combustion chamber of the engine. In another they are also called oil seals. How to understand when it is time to replace the glands? Note that if the car’s exhaust has turned a gray color, it most likely means that the oil seals have worn out and the oil enters the combustion chamber. Also often can fail candles. You can check them out. If there is oil on the candles, then this also most likely indicates a problem with the oil seals.

    Removing old valve seals

    How to remove valve seals? To do this, you will need a set of new glands, wrenches, a puller (rasukharivatel) and a mandrel for installing glands.

    1. The first is removed the gas distribution mechanism cover. Under it just are the valve.
    2. With the help of a rassuharivatel remove the valve springs and remove the crackers.
    3. Then, using a puller, remove the glands. Be careful. Without the gland valve may fall into the cylinder head. Therefore, if possible, change the seals with the cylinder head removed. Or, alternatively, you can alternately change the glands on the valves, exposing the piston above the desired valves in the top dead center, by rotating the crankshaft. The main thing, then correctly set the cycle of gas distribution mechanism.

    When the seals are removed, you can begin to install new ones.

    Installing new oil seals

    1. With the help of a hammer and a special mandrel, we plant new seals up to the stop until a dull sound appears. Do not apply strong blows in order not to deform the packing housing. To facilitate the process, you can slightly lubricate the inner surface of the gland and the valve itself.
    2. Now we do the work in reverse order. When done, check carefully the quality of the work performed.When you are convinced that everything has been done correctly, put the camshaft cover in place.

    This completes the process of replacing valve seals.

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