• How to change color depth

    To change the depthcolorsIn the image in the open program window, select the “Image” option and click on the “Reducethe depthcolors". Examine the list of commands that can be controlled to varying degrees of depth.colorson the picture.
    You can also optimize the color image by reducingthe depthcolorsup to sixteen colors - this option is convenient for images consisting of several shades and being simple graphics for websites and various pages on the Internet.
    Reducethe depthcolor images can be up to two hundred and fifty six colors, both in full color and in black and white. In addition, you can reducethe depthcolorsup to thirty two and sixty four colors.
    If you want not to decrease, but to increasethe depthcolors, open the “Image” tab and select the “Zoomthe depthcolors". This will open the same list as the one described above, but with commands that increasethe depthcolors.

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