• How to celebrate the new year teens

    How to celebrate the new year teensTo organize a fun New Year for teens is not so easy. After all, children are at an age when adults see themselves and do not want to participate in the children's sketches and competitions, but to celebrate as adults, they still early. How to spend this holiday so that everyone is satisfied?

    Competitions for the new year for teens

    We offer you a few games that are perfect for the 2015 New Year program.

    Game "Who are you?"

    A sign with his “new name” is attached to each back guest on his back. For example, a cat, dog, hippo, crocodile, etc. Anyone present can read what others are called, but he does not see his “name”. Each person must know his name, for this he asks questions to others, to which they answer "Yes" or "No". The winner is the one who first knows what is written on his tablet.

    How to celebrate the new year teens

    The game "I'll go there, no one knows where"

    In this competition there should be at least four participants who sit in chairs in a row, with their backs to the audience.A sign is attached to the back of each chair, where a certain place is indicated (kitchen, shower room, toilet, supermarket). Participants do not see what is written on their tablets. Each of them in turn are asked questions:

    • Why do you go to this place?
    • What do you prefer to do there?
    • How often do you go there? Etc.

    Participants answer the questions the first thing that comes to their mind. It turns out quite funny.

    How to celebrate the new year teens

    Competition "Frozen"

    This is a fun New Year's game, for which you need to prepare sheets. On each sheet indicate the body parts (hand, foot, ear, finger, nose), after which they are folded into a box. Two participants come out, each one takes out a leaflet, opens it and "freezes" to each other with the described parts of the body. The following participants approach them in turn, they and those already participating take on paper and "freeze" the indicated parts of the body. So it turns out a fun chain of "frozen" participants. The main thing, do not forget to take a picture of them as a souvenir.

    New Year's scenario for teenagers

    To make the holiday a success, it is advisable to think over its scenario. The traditional New Year’s scenario for teenagers consists in solving riddles, reading poems for the holiday, and participating in Christmas games and contests.If you wish, you will be able to find a large number of different scenarios, like celebrating New Year's Eve at home or the New Year's scenario at school.

    Perhaps the youth will want to arrange a masquerade, this is also a great idea. It's so interesting to guess which of your acquaintances is hiding behind a mask, so it is interesting to be a little not by yourself, but by someone else. People like masquerades, regardless of their age, because this is something unusual. It is so interesting to prepare for it, inventing an image and choosing a costume for the New Year to a teenager who you can make yourself or custom-made.

    How to celebrate the new year teens

    To triumph succeeded, do not forget to think about the menu. Very much also depends on the dishes that will be on the festive table. Since the upcoming 2015 will be the year of the Green Sheep, the “Sheep” salad will look very original on your table, and the “Sheep” cake baked with his own hand will be very popular with young people. It will also be very funny to look at dishes in the form of Christmas trees, such as salad or muffins.

    Do not forget about gifts for guests. Sweet gifts, which the children liked so much a couple of years ago, can now be perceived with hostility, becauseguys consider themselves to be adults. Therefore, it is better to buy some souvenirs or trinkets, the most important thing is fun to hand them to guests.

    Listen to the ideas for celebrating the holiday, which the teenagers themselves have put forward, yield to them as much as possible, because it is so important for them to feel like adults and independent, and then the holiday will really succeed.

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