• How to care for your skin in winter?

    Winter is the best time to consider your skin care products. Depending on the seasons, the skin does not change. Changing only the greasy secret, the expansion of the pores, which is the process of thermoregulation of skin functions. Therefore, in this article we will look at how to care for your skin in winter.

    Even people who have a normal skin type may notice its deterioration in the winter. This is due to exposure to weather conditions and temperature factors. As in any season of the year, in winter, skin care should consist of three successive stages - cleaning, moisturizing and nourishing. But the products that you used in the summer, in the winter, can harm your skin. This is due to the slowing down of the sebaceous glands at low temperatures. Therefore, oily skin in winter can become normal, and normal can turn into dry.

    Wool, sweaters and fur can irritate the skin, which becomes dry, wrinkles can appear on it. To prevent this from happening, you need to use special care products.The procedure of cleansing the upper layers of the skin from dead dead cells also becomes relevant. This is done so that even in frosty weather, the skin is always smooth.

    Even women who have oily skin, in the winter may notice that it is dehydrated, and, as you know, preserving the skin's moisture is one of the most important details for caring for it. Therefore, the first rule is to always moisturize the skin in winter. But this should be done an hour before going out, because excess moisture evaporates and dries the skin. In the evening, it is also necessary to moisturize the skin, because heating has the same effect on it as the frost, it dries it.


    If you peel the skin on your face, in winter you can steam it in a bath for 2-3 minutes, then dry with a towel, and apply a mixture of one beaten egg white and honey to the skin. After 4-5 minutes, start tapping on the skin with your fingertips until the mixture begins to stick to your fingers. It is necessary to try not to move the skin, movements should be done by pressing. Then rinse your face and apply a suitable mask. This procedure will not only cleanse the skin of scales, but also remove signs of fatigue.

    Not bad can help mask from flax seeds. To prepare it like this:

    • 2 cups of seeds, pour a pair of glasses of cold water, and cook until a slurry. Then this mass is filtered and still warm applied to the face, leaving it for 20 minutes. Then rinse with water and lubricate moisturizer.
    • Broth from flax well removes the peeling of the skin, if necessary, it can be lubricated and lips. Also, to preserve the skin, you must include in your diet vitamins and trace elements.
    • Also, skin dries in winter due to the improper use of lotions that contain alcohol. The alcohol content in them should not exceed 30%, and the content of fruit acids not more than 10%, due to the fact that in the winter the sebaceous glands work more passively than in summer.
    • It is necessary to limit washing with tap water using soap, as this can lead to flaking of the skin. In winter, there is a so-called gentle washing system, which consists in applying milk to a tampon, which then thoroughly wipes the face, then the remains are washed away with boiled water, and wiped with lotion. After that, you can apply a cream for dry skin, in winter it is especially important.

    Lips in the winter often fade and become rough. Therefore, in the cold season it is better to use lipstick fatter with the presence of vitamin E.

    Chapped lips

    To make your lips less cracked in winter, you should do a special massage for them in the morning:

    • For one minute, gently massage the lips with a soft toothbrush that is wetted with cold water, then you need to apply sweet almond oil on your lips with a drop of lavender oil (etheric). This procedure enhances blood circulation and gives juiciness to faded lips.
    • Also, after this procedure, you need to massage the upper lip and then the lower lip with your index finger and thumb.
    • Procedures of this kind are the key to the beauty of your lips in winter.
    • Additionally, a special anti-cold balm can protect your lips - 4 drops of sweet almond oil and a drop of tea tree essential oil. If you apply this product to the lips, the cold will not have a chance.

    If the skin on your hands is cracked in winter, you should apply a moisturizer on them more often, only this is done a couple of hours before going outside.

    Care for centuries

    Winter care includes fat, rich and intense masks,serums and creams. At the moment there are a large variety of care products for the centuries that save a lot of time. These are bioactive patches under the eyes, platelets that are impregnated with active substances. They are convenient to establish forever at home. After 20-30 minutes they are removed, after which the cream is applied.

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