• How to care for the money tree?

    Almost everyone knows the plant, which has the shape of leaves, resembling coins, it is called the money tree, or, scientifically speaking, "sweetie" or "darted." And, if the first option is known to almost everyone, then the second and third know only experienced flower growers.

    The money tree has long become a favorite of homes and offices, for its unpretentious nature he was loved by beginners as well as experienced flower growers. But the matter is not only in his accommodating nature, most people grow this interesting plant because of its unusual properties, because they say that the money tree can improve the material condition of its owners, the main thing is to properly place it and take care of it.

    If you believe, they say that the fleshy leaves of a fat woman have magical properties that can neutralize all negative and gloomy emotions in the family, promote the formation of harmony and well-being.

    But in order to achieve such success, it is not enough to go to the next flower shop and buy the first available money tree. In order for it to serve its owner faithfully, it needs to be grown from a small sprout, for which you need to constantly take care and love, providing it with comfort: an illuminated place in the south or southeast window.

    They even say that it is possible and necessary to talk with him, and it is necessary to water and replant only on Wednesdays. Well, to believe in all this or not is up to you, of course, but it’s still worth keeping to the basic rules of care.

    Origin and Variations

    Money tree belongs to the genus of succulent plants, in total there are about 300-350 plant species. It is believed that the birthplace of the bastard is of arid Africa, from where this plant has the ability to accumulate a supply of moisture in the leaves, because it is only possible to survive in the arid climate of this continent.

    The fat woman is considered to be an ornamental leafy plant, although rarely, it can still bloom at home. It is due to the large variety of its species, can have the most different colors of leaves: green, dark green, silver, with a red border and spots.


    Money tree propagated by leaf cuttings or processes, they must be rooted immediately in the ground. You can go the other way - put the processes in the water until the roots, and only then transplanted into the soil.

    By the way, the soil for the money tree is ideal land for cacti, which is a mixture of turf land, sand and leaf land, you also need humus, clay, ash and brick dust, do not forget about good drainage.

    As for the capacity in which the plant will be placed, it is necessary to take into account that the money tree has considerable weight in its crown, therefore the root system is not always able to hold it, the plant begins to fall, damaging its leaves.

    Therefore, it is better to choose a heavy pot that can hold the plant in an upright position. It is necessary to transplant a plant as it grows, about once every two to three years.

    Watering, light and temperature

    As we have said, the money tree is a rather unpretentious plant. It is necessary to water the plant copiously during the period of growth, this applies to the summer and spring months. But for some reason, many gardeners flood a period of rest with a plant that does not like the money tree so much.

    From September to February, a fat woman, such as cacti, is in a dormant period, at which time the plant is strictly forbidden to flood! Watering is carried out once every few months.

    Since the plant is accustomed to accumulate moisture, it is not typical for all sorts of water sprays, you just need to wipe the leaves with a damp sponge from dust, and also air the room where the plant is located.

    With regard to temperature, the plant feels good in the summer months at 18-25 °, but in the winter, the temperature must be reduced to at least 15 ° or even 6-10 ° C. However, the money tree copes well with normal room temperature, although the appearance may deteriorate slightly: the leaves will begin to turn yellow and fall off, and the shoots will stretch out.

    Tolstyanka is a light-loving plant, so if the room is darkened, then it can not be placed further from the window sill. Although the light for the plant is very important, but it does not tolerate direct rays, the plant may begin to wither and burn, so the optimum location for it is southeast, where in the morning the plant will be pleased with the sun's rays, and at lunch they will no longer burn much.But in winter, the fatty woman feels better on the south side.

    Top dressing and cultivation of a tree form

    It is best to feed the money tree after watering, so the plant will be able to absorb all the useful substances with which you will please it. Feeding is necessary to carry out in spring and summer, suitable supplements for cacti, succulents, as well as universal options.

    If you carry out all the above items for the care of the plant, the money tree will grow healthy and beautiful shrub. But in order to get a full-fledged tree on your window, you still have to work hard, and from the very beginning.

    The bottom line is that it is necessary to remove all lateral processes until a bare trunk about 15 cm long is formed. When the plant itself with such a trunk reaches a height of 20-30 cm, it is necessary to pinch off the top. After this, the plant will begin to give lateral shoots, forming the crown of the tree, and in order for the plant not to bend in one direction, it is necessary to turn it periodically from side to side.

    What to look for when buying?

    If you didn’t succeed in acquiring a sprout from acquaintances or friends, then nothing remains but to turn to a flower shop.When choosing a money tree, you need to carefully evaluate the appearance of the plant: a peasant to three months old has a leaf of a light green color, and the trunk is not usually covered with white scales.

    And now the half-year-old plant has a developed crown with dark green leaves, as well as a trunk that is covered with a white film. A healthy plant should have rounded, soft and fleshy leaflets that do not have spots and flaws.

    Pests and diseases

    Most of all the money tree is afraid of an excess of moisture, it is capable of destroying its root system, the leaves will begin to fall away and wither. Also, the fat woman is afraid of non-ventilated and low-lit rooms.

    But due to lack of moisture there may be brown spots on the leaves. Of pests, most often a mealy worm is found, but it is quite easy to cope with: moisten a wet napkin in alcohol, then use it to remove the worm from the plant, or you can simply process the money tree with special insecticides for succulents.

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