• How to care for long hair

    Hair care should be regularly. It is obligatory to wash the head, but owners of long curls are not recommended to wash their hair more than twice a week, otherwise the fat secreted by the scalp will not have time to perform its protective functions, enveloping the hair. This will cause the hair to become more vulnerable and begin to break and split.

    Even if you grow hair and do not want to part with a single centimeter, you can not refuse to regularly trim the tips. It is necessary to visit the hairdresser every 2 months, cutting literally 1 cm. Due to this, the hairstyle will always be neat and well-groomed, and split ends will not make it difficult to comb.

    Owners of long hair want hair to be voluminous. In this case, haircut with the use of graduation will come to the rescue again - short strands will keep the volume, due to which the hairstyle will be more magnificent without losing its length.

    Many girls try to make thin hair fluffy at the expense of cosmetics, while not paying attention to the label. Any products that promise a maximum amount are designed for a specific type of hair. This rule must be followed.

    No need to get involved in the means of strong fixation without special need. They can weight the hair, and the alcohol they contain will dry the curls, making them weak and brittle.

    Owners of long curls can not sleep with rubber bands (invisible hairpins, pins and other accessories), as this will lead to deformation of the hair structure. To keep your hair from tangling, you can braid a not too tight braid.

    Washed hair should always be dried before going to bed, so that they do not deform and take the form that in the morning will not please its appearance and make you wash your hair again.

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